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Sale Waterskis

A great waterski can be the difference between enjoying your time on the water or feeling like you left your best on the shore, and you are sure to find the perfect men's waterski at TROJANWSS, the best destination for waterskis online. Trojan has a large selection of previous season models so you can get the best performance at a cheaper price. Whether you need an easy beginner ski for your very first one or you're at your pinnacle and need something that can push you further, TROJAN WSS’s selection of sale waterskis online will have the perfect fit. Trojan also offers a large range of sale blanks, bindings and gloves to complete your water set up. 

Getting up on a Slalom ski

Starting on a Slalom Ski can be quite a challenge, having your balance point underneath you and the boat pulling you another way. The best way to start is getting the right gear, you want a comfortable handle preferably with a long V so that you can place the ski inside, Secondly a fitted Life Jacket  that holds you up in the water nicely so you don't drag too much. 

Once everything is setup you want to sit in the water with the tail of the Ski under your bottom in a crouched position with your knees up to your chest. Try to get yourself stable with your hands as wide on the handle as possible and signal for the drive to take up the loose rope. Once the rope is tight and you feel balanced you want the boat driver to accelerate at a stable pace while you stay as crouched as possible not pushing on your front leg and letting the boat pull you up. Once you are up and moving you can slowly stand up to a more comfortable position. Don't rush standing up as this is the most common mistake made by beginners. 

Whatever your Skiing needs, Shop online at TROJAN WSS and take advantage of our extensive knowledge and expansive range. Enjoy fast and free express shipping from TROJAN WSS across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. 

Looking for bindings?

Trojan has a wide variety of waterski bindings that will best suit your ski. With a range of designs and fittings, Trojan offers the perfect binding for your ski. It is most important that you are comfortable when you're behind the boat, so come in store to receive help to find the best binding from our experienced team. 


If you are not quite up to water-skiing at this time it might be easier for you to start on a kneeboard. Kneeboards are a great way for kids to gain confidence behind the boat while getting familiar with the rope and being towed. When picking a kneeboard it might help to use our guide How to pick the right kneeboard for expert advice.

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