Raptor Roam Kneeboard - 2024
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    Raptor Roam Womens Kneeboard - 2024
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Kneeboards For Sale Online Across Australia 

A kneeboard is the perfect family fun toy or the ultimate performance board to land that flip or 360, and you can get the perfect board online from TROJAN WSS. With a huge selection of Fibreglass and Plastic, Whether you need a stable board for your first board or a high performance board to improve your skills, TROJAN WSS's selection online to satisfy any taste.

A knee board can be the perfect start to watersports as it is easy to learn and you can take it at your own pace until you build confindence. Whether you are trying your first on the water 360 or trying to land a double flip, TROJAN WSS has every board that you could imagine and more.

2021 Range 

With a new season comes a totally new range of boards and they do not disappoint in 2021. With exciting new colours and a new high end board from Radar this year might be the year of the kneeboard. Design and graphics have come along way from the basic boards of yesteryear. Hopefully there is a board that is a perfect fit for you.

Picking the right Board 

Picking the right board can be a difficult task, with such a large range including the HO Joker and the Raptor Heist we have everything you could need to suit your riding style. The things to look for when trying to pick a board is deciding between Fibreglass and plastic. Fibreglass is a more performance board with sharper edges for speed and pop, a plastic board is a great family friendly board that will take alot of use. Plastic is also easier to use as they all come with Hooks on the front to assist beginners  

Picking the best handle for Kneeboarding

When knee-boarding you want a comfortable handle with a rope that can be shortened to suit the boat speed and rider size. The smaller a rider is the shorter you want to keep the rope this will stop the rope from dipping and dragging down. Another thing you want to look at when picking a handle is avoiding something too soft when your board has a hook, a good compromise is the Straight line package as it has a solid bar for the hook to attach to and a nice soft handle for you to grasp.

How to Start

Once you have picked the perfect board, you have your handle and life jacket sorted. It is time for you to get behind the boat which can be daunting to begin with but once you have some simple tips you can be having fun in no time. To start you will need to lay stomach down on the board so that the nose is out of the water, towards the back half is usually point. Keep your handle out in front of you if you have a hook its a good idea to hold the handle against that so that when the boat starts pulling it grabs the hook. Once you feel comfortable you can signal for the boat to start, always start off slowly so that you can get comfortable. You want to start trying to crawl onto your knees as soon as you start moving as the faster you get the more wobbly this part gets. Once you are up onto your knees you can choose to use the strap or just leave it. now you can take the handle out of the hook and signal to the boat driver to bring it up to your comfortable speed. Next have as much fun as possible try a 180 you might surprise yourself.

Knee boarding is one of the easiest Water sports and is often looked at as a great stepping stone to water skiing and wakeboarding 

Whatever your needs, Shop online at TROJAN WSS and take advantage of our extensive knowledge and expansive range. Enjoy fast and free express shipping from TROJAN WSS across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

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