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Snowboard Protective Clothing Gear Australia

Good protective equipment is an absolute must for any snow adventure. Trojan Wake Ski Snow offer a wide range of snow helmets, as well as impact shorts and wrist guards to keep you protected during sessions out on the park or pipe, or for those big drop-in's up on the mountain.

A solid Helmet  is a must have whether you are a skier or a snowboarder. When you are travelling at speed you need something to protect against the shock of an impact. A helmet is also essential if you are going out backcountry to protect against any falling objects such as sticks, or any hard objects that may be hidden just underneath the surface of the snow. Here at Trojan we stock a range of the best helmets from Anon, providing you with the best protection and comfort for your snow adventures. From the Anon Raider which provides good protection at an affordable price point, to the Anon MIPS which offers a BOA adjustment system, as well as a Multi Directional Impact Protection System, which would be suited to the most hardcore snowboarders, Trojan has everyone covered.

Padded Impact Shorts are a great piece of mind piece of equipment that you can add to your snow setup. Impact shorts consist of a low profile material that fits underneath your snow pants, with multiple soft foam pads around your hips and butt area. These foam sections absorb impact, and are perfect for anyone who is learning to snowboard, or anyone who is looking to hit the pipe or the park. Impact shorts are perfect at taking the hit out of any awkward falls, and help to provide extra confidence to any uneasy snowboarder.

Wrist guards are handy for snowboarders of all skill levels, from people that are just starting out, to pros who are going big on the halfpipe. Wrist guards easily slip under your glove, and provide great support to prevent you from bending your wrist in the wrong direction. Trojan also stocks Burton Support gloves, which is an insulated snow glove with a built in wrist guide. Providing warmth and support

No matter what your skill level, snow protection is a must have to avoid injury and the long times off the mountain that can be associated with it.  Trojan Wake Ski Snow offers a range of quality protective gear that can help keep you up on the mountain enjoying the winter.

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