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Wakeboard Ballast Bags

Want to achieve a bigger wake?  Ballast will add more weight in your boat allowing it to sit deeper and create the wake you dream of. TrojanWSS has a range of plug and play systems and ballast bags in all different shapes and sizes to suit your boat. 

So, you have the boat and wakeboard but you still feel like you could be jumping higher? The answer might be a Ballast system. A Ballast system will give your wake the energy kick it deserves, allowing you to get that extra pop you need to land that next big trick. At TrojanWSS, we offer a full range of Ballast sack sizes to suit almost any boat and rider level. Don’t forget a high-speed pump such as the Straightline Sumo Max Flow which will have you spending more time riding and less time waiting for your sack to fill up.

Whilst you’re at it why not check out the latest range of Wakeboards at TrojanWSS. We stock all the major brands including Ronix, Hyperlite and Liquid Force. With a full range of Mens Wakeboards, Womens Wakeboards and Kids Wakeboards for all ability levels, you’ll find a board to suit your riding. We also stock a full range of Wake Essentials and Wakesurfs to keep you out on the boat for longer. Being on the water is a great activity for the whole family, so it is important to ensure everyone is safe. An essential item for all watersports is a properly fitting vest.  TrojanWSS stock a full range of the latest Life Jackets giving you the confidence the whole family will be safe.

Still unsure about what you need? Stop by our store on Windsor Road, Vineyard or call our friendly staff for expert advice on all your wakeboard and Waterski needs.


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