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A good pair of snowboard goggles can be the difference between you returning to the lodge early because you cant see or having a ripper clear day on the snow. All Trojan's snow goggles work perfectly in bad weather and come with high contrast design so you can make out obstacles and changes in slope on your run. On the flipside during sunny days, goggles keep your eyes protected from damaging sunlight. All snow goggles stocked by Trojan WSS fit perfectly with a snowboarding helmet and provide a snug fit to keep you warm, protected and trendy. 

How to Choose Your Ski Goggles?

So you know that you need an awesome pair of ski goggles to keep your vision when you're up on the slopes, but how do you make your selection?

As you can see, our range is an extensive one! This is great for giving you the choice you crave, but it can make the selection process a tad overwhelming. Here's what you need to look for:

Mens, Womens, or Kids?

We stock a range of different snow goggles for men, for women, and for youths. These ranges provide different options in terms of style and size, so choose the one that best suits you.

The Fit

Have you had a chance to try on one of our pairs of goggles before and found it to be a good fit? Look for that pair in our range. If you've tried on a pair by a different brand and are seeking a similar fit, come and try some of our pieces on, or reach out to our team and let us point you in the right direction. We offer 60-day returns on all items, for any reason, so if you feel that the fit is not right for you, send it back to us!


It can get pretty wild up there in the mountains, what with the thin air, strong sun, and blinding snow. Find a pair of goggles that you can be sure are up to the job of protecting your eyes.


Sure, practical considerations come first, but style is important, too! Find a pair of goggles that are really going to set your outfit off. You will have no trouble doing so when you browse our range.

The Brand

Maybe you are loyal to a certain brand. Perhaps you have heard good things about a certain make and want to try out their product. Or, it could be you have had a bad experience with a manufacturer and vowed never to buy from them again. The brand you choose is important, so find what you need in our range.

Trojan WSS stocks a broad range of Womens, Mens and youth goggles from the best brands like ANON, Modest and Oakley. Trojan has all the size, styles and colours you could ever dream of. 

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