Burton Step On

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Burton Step On

The biggest change to come to snowboarding in many years Burton has changed the way you connect your boots to your board. With Step On you can get into your bindings without using your hands and can get out of your bindings with a single movement. For anyone that has struggled to strap into your bindings or has avoided snowboarding all together because traditional bindings were impossible to use, this new technology will open snowboarding up to a lot more riders.  

How does it feel 

The biggest question we get about this new binding is how does it feel ? A lot of people are interested but they don't want to sacrifice any of the performance of traditional setup. From our experience we can describe the stepon as simple and easy to use, with the same feeling as a traditional mid stiffness bindings, if you prefer a super soft binding stepon might not work best for you. Getting in and out of the bindings was super simple and after the first couple of times you were able to step straight off the lift and into the bindings without any delay. 

What boards do they fit

When buying a new pair of bindings its important to make sure that they fit your current board or the board you want to purchase. The great thing about StepOn is it fits every modern board so you never have to worry about compatibility issues 

Need a board to match 

Once you have your new boots and bindings sorted it might be a great time to look for a new board. You can shop our range of Snowboards here, when picking the right snowboard you have to take into consideration where you will be snowboarding, Your level of snowboarding, What you demand from your board. For some one that enjoys going super fast down the mountain and doing massive turns will benefit from a Camber board with a stiff core but these wouldn't be desirable for anyone looking to hit the park and rails. 


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