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  • Wavelength Icon Short - Jet Black - 2023 Wetsuit Shorts - Mens - Trojan Wake Ski Snow
    Wavelength Icon Short - Jet Black - 2023
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    Wavelength Icon Short - Jet Black - 2023
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Wetsuits Shorts Mens

If you want to have fun and stay comfortable in the water, wetsuit shorts from TROJAN WSS are perfect for the task. Whether you're a water skier, surfer, wakeboarder, or diver, we offer a range of standard fit and padded shorts for your next adventure. We have lots of men's wetsuit swim shorts to choose from, including products from Sands, Wavelength, and other leading global brands.

TROJAN WSS is the trusted water and snow sports company in Australia. While boardies are great for the summer months, wetsuit shorts offer greater protection for adventure activities and additional climate control throughout the year. Our wetsuit shorts help to prevent windburn and support temperature regulation in any environment.

Along with keeping you dry and comfortable, many of our wetsuit shorts offer extra padding and protection. Whether you want to protect yourself from board rash, minimise the impact of falls, or simply stay comfy on the boat, wetsuit shorts are the perfect solution. Our zipless wetsuit shorts are easy to put on and take off. What's more, they look absolutely fantastic wet or dry.

Wide selection of wetsuit products

At TROJAN WSS, we have a wide range of wetsuit products for all weather and water conditions. From full-length winter steamers to spring suits, wetsuit tops, and wetsuit shorts, we have what you need to stay safe and have fun in the water all year round. Our wetsuit products are made with stretch neoprene for the ultimate in fit and function.

We only stock products from leading Australian and global brands, so you can be assured of quality and protection at every turn. Our products are available in all sizes, from extra-small to extra-large and beyond. While most wetsuits come in basic neoprene black, we do have products available in white, stone, and other fun colours. Whether you're a barefooter who wants a comfy padded seat, a surfer who wants to avoid chafing, or a swimmer looking for extra protection, TROJAN WSS has got you covered.

Customer support and protection

At TROJAN WSS, we believe in customer service and consumer protection. Our online store offers a number of benefits, and our team has a real connection to the local water sports community. We provide reliable and friendly customer support, consumer warranty protection, and a simple product return process. In addition, we have contact customer care and an online size and buying guide to help you avoid purchasing mistakes.

As an Australian-owned and operated business, you can be assured of fast and accurate delivery. We provide prompt shipping across the country, from Sydney and Melbourne to Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. Free express shipping is available for all orders over $99, so you will get your items delivered quickly at no additional cost.

TROJAN WSS is the leading water and snow sports retailer in Australia. If you need wetsuit shorts for men, please make an order or contact our team today.

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