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Follow Life Jackets

Follow is a wakeboarding wearables and accessories brand founded in 2010 with one simple goal in mind, to create a good quality product that "just works".

Follow started with just a small line of wakeboard handles and accessories, following the motto "no gimmicks, no bright lights, just good quality product that works". Over the years follow has expanded their range and today offer a wide variety of products from steamer wetsuits and lifejackets to wakeboard and wakesurf ropes and handles.

Along the way follow has picked up some of the greatest atheletes in the sport, who they have worked closely with to develop a diverse range of signature vests and accessories. The follow team consists of names such as Brenton Priestly, Oli Derome, Mitch Langfield, Derek Cook, Raph Derome, Josh Twelker, Cody Hesse, William Klang, Anna Nikstad, Massi "Pizza Boy" Piffaretti, Alex Aulbach, Angelika Schriber, Joe Battleday, Andrew Pastura, Jonas Krisciunas, and many more in the AM team.

Together these riders make up the follow family, and provide crucial feedback to the Follow brand which allows a continual progression in the sport of wakeboarding, and the product which Follow creates.

Follow Life Jacket & Ropes and Handles 

No other brand has came into wakeboarding with such velocity and stable following, Releasing 10 season of product that keeps getting better and better. With some of the best life jackets in the industry like the B.P Vest  or the Atlantis for ladies. If you are after market leading Ropes and Handles they have plenty of choice, with everything from your basic handle and rope to high end packages likes the pizza boy package

Follow Season 10 

10 seasons of follow and they are getting better and better with every new range. They have all the fan favourites back in the range like the B.P Vest with its tough duraprene exterior and super soft interior making it comfortable and durable. The Oli Pro Package is perfect as always with a stitched suede handle and coated dyneema rope will stand the test of time. They have also some new classics to the range like their Pro Helmet  which is an upgraded version of their safety first.

Here at Trojan we work to deliver Follow's spirit of wakeboarding to our customers by carrying the biggest range of Follow products in Australia. If your looking to update your look and turn some heads out at the wakepark, Trojan is your one stop shop.

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