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Ivy Womens Vests & Shorties

At Trojan WSS, we want to make your outdoor experience a great one. That’s why we bring you quality protective gear from top manufacturers to see that you remain protected as you go about your wakeboarding and water skiing activities. Our range of Ivy vests allows you to protect yourself when you are enjoying your skiing activities.  We stock a big collection of Ivy ski vests that come in different makes and sizes. The vests feature different designs and advanced technology to make sure that you have optimal protection from any sort of accident. Buy your Ivy ladies ski vests at Trojan WSS today and have a safe ski riding experience.

Vests featuring advanced technology

Recreating water skiing means fun moments for the riders. However, things can happen when you are skiing and that’s why it is recommended that you should wear protective gear like Ivy vests. The vests feature various designs to ensure comfort, ease of movement, and heat retention in the cold if you’re snowboarding.

Ski vests are designed to allow you to stay comfortable in extreme weather conditions. They allow you to stay toasty whilst being comfortable. When skiing, you will be sweating, but that sweat can easily be lost in the air. The vest needs to provide heat retention to make you stay warm. Our Ivy ski vests are made of neoprene material, a synthetic fabric that is waterproof and has good insulation against cold. Ivy vests feature neoprene advanced engineering to ensure the material performs excellently in wet environments.

An Aircore technology use in Ivy vests that allows the skiers to safely float on whenever they accidentally fall or get off their boards. This way, a rider is able to get protection from the water impact, the cold, and the danger of drowning.

Ivy women’s vest as a perfect gift 

If you are thinking about what sort of gift to give to your female friend or wife, and you're pretty sure they love skiing, then an Ivy vest is your best bet. The vests are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are breathable allowing them to dry out fast when you get out of the water. A hinged foam segment allows a flexible, easy-to-wear vest for enhanced comfort and freedom movement. When you wear a ski vest, you don’t want it to restrict you from moving your body parts. You want a vest that can allow you to move your body easily. You also want one that won’t make you stink because of sweat, so a breathing fabric like neoprene is work pretty perfect.

At Trojan WSS, we feature a collection of your favourite Ivy vests that can serve as a perfect gift for your family. Buy an Ivy ski vest for your daughter, your wife, your teacher, or your boss in the workplace and create a strong bond and life-changing experience in their hearts.

If you are looking for ladies ski vests that offer high performance and ensure optimal protection from the cold wind, you can try out Ivy vests. Check from our collection to find out which ladies vest fits your needs. Contact us today to see what we have in store for you.

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