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  • Rip Curl Womens D/Patrol 3/2 BZ Steamer - Charcoal - 2022 Steamers - Womens - Trojan Wake Ski Snow
    Rip Curl Womens D/Patrol 3/2 BZ Steamer - Charcoal - 2022
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    Rip Curl Womens D/Patrol 3/2 BZ Steamer - Charcoal - 2022
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    Rip Curl Womens Omega 32 GB Steamer - Black
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    Rip Curl Wms Dawn Patrol CZ 32 GB Steamer - Charcoal Grey - 2023
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Womens Steamers

At TROJAN WSS, our women's steamers will help you stay dry and comfortable in the water. We stock highly durable and stylish women's wetsuit steamers from the best brands in the business, including Rip Curl, Peak, and Radar. Our wetsuits are made from quality neoprene materials and manufactured to last. Women's steamers can be worn while surfing, skiing, diving, or wakeboarding, and they're also suitable for winter swimming adventures. However you like to have fun in the water, TROJAN WSS has the perfect steamer suit for you.

What is a steamer wetsuit?

If you love having fun in the water throughout the year, wetsuits are a great way to stay warm, comfortable, and relatively dry. A steamer is a full-body wetsuit manufactured from neoprene materials. Unlike spring suits and other wetsuit designs, steamers are designed to cover your entire body. Because they feature long arms and long legs, steamers are ideal for the winter months and can also be used during spring and autumn. If you live in a cold climate, you may want to wear your steamer all year long.

Steamer features

We stock steamer wetsuits from 2 mm and up, so you can buy the perfect product for your local climate and water conditions. Instead of limiting your surfing or water adventures to the warmer months, you can play and have fun throughout the year. Many of our steamer products have advanced features like stress point taping and flash lining. Other designs come with liquid tape seams and mesh super stretch panels for extra durability. If your steamer tears due to a reef or rock wipe-out, we also sell wetsuit repair resin to get you back in the water fast.

Large selection of water sports products

TROJAN WSS is dedicated to the needs of all water sports enthusiasts. Our product range covers the entire spectrum of water-based activities, from boating and jet skiing to waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, diving, and surfing. From thick steamers to light spring suits, and from durable rideshorts to stylish boardshorts, you can rely on us for all your water sports needs. We only deal with the best names in the industry, including Follow, Peak, Rip Curl, Jetpilot, and Wavelength, among others.

Great discounts and sales

At TROJAN WSS, we want everyone to enjoy the water. Along with a great selection of high-quality products, we offer regular discounts and competitive prices throughout the year. Having fun in the water doesn't have to be expensive when you deal with TROJAN WSS. We offer regular deals on our website, including water ski products, wakeboarding gear, snow essentials, and more. If you're looking for women's wetsuit steamers for sale, you've come to the right place.

Customer support and protection

TROJAN WSS leads from the front in water and snow sports equipment. All of our products are designed with integrity and made to withstand Australian conditions. We offer reliable customer care, leading consumer protections, and simple product returns for your complete satisfaction. We provide free express shipping across the country for all orders over $99 so you can get your new items and start having fun. 

If you're looking for women's steamers in Australia, please make an order or contact the team at TROJAN WSS today.

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