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Radar Skis

Located an hours drive from Seattle is Lake Radar, the spiritual home of waterskiing. As one of the sports first man made lakes, it was here where Herb O'brien first started creating waterskis in his barn in 1964. Today, almost 60 years later, Radar Lake is the home to Radar waterskis, where the Radar team work tirelessly to continue Herb's love for the sport of waterskiing.

As a team of innovators and creators, the Radar team strives to push the boundaries of waterskiing, continously experimenting with new shapes and new materials to create some of the most advanced waterskis on the market. This is all made possibly by Chris Rossi, Radar's Chief ski designer, who spends countless hours on the water and in the lab designing, creating and testing the latest innovations.

At the heart of Radar Waterskis is the Radar Lab, the very same barn that herb worked in to create his first waterskis back in the 1960s. It is here where every Radar Vapor Pro Build, Vapor Lithium, Vapor Graphite and Senate Pro Build are created, and quality checked by the Radar Lab Team.

All of this is driven by Radar's love for their sport, putting in the hard yards so you can have as much fun as possible every time you hit the water. Not only do we have the biggest range of Radar products here at Trojan, but we have also tested every single one of them so we can find the right ski for you. Check out the Radar range, and Just Go Ski.

The 2021 Range

With the new season about to drop we are excited to show you what they have been working on. We get to see a new Ski in the bottom end range and some exciting changes to there pinnacle ski. Keep an eye out for August 16th 

Radar Lab

The house that Herb built is alive and well. Herb used the Lab to advance modern day waterskiing to new heights and in those advancements built a team around him that would continue his legacy to this day. Chris Rossi, Tim DeHate, Eddie Roberts and Jason Standley all work tirelessly to create innovation. It is in the Radar Lab that new foams are tested, different carbons are sourced, and the latest shapes come to light. Every concept is born here, and every Vapor is produced in this special place, thanks Herb.

Picking the Right Ski for you 

 Picking the right Radar Ski can we difficult with such an expansive range, luckily we test the range every year with different skill levels so that we can give you the best advice. If you need help use our Waterski Finder otherwise if you follow us on social media we host many demo days where you can come try a few different skis and pick the best one for you.

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