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There’s nothing like the thrill of water skiing but when you’re zooming along on the water, you need something sturdy under your feet. That’s why Connelly waterskis are an excellent choice. Connelly waterskis are designed and made in the USA and made to a high standard. If you’re an experienced water skier, you will have no doubt heard of the Connelly brand. They’ve been around for over 50 years, starting off making wooden waterskis, then moving onto fibreglass. Trojan WSS stocks a wide range of women’s, men’s and even kids’ waterskis — so everyone can join in the fun.

Browse Connelly waterskis in a range of shapes

When you’re looking for Connelly waterskis in Australia, Trojan WSS has a wide range of choices. Waterskis come in all sorts of shapes for different types of water skiers and Connelly invented many of the most popular styles.

You may want to consider:

  • Slalom waterskis — Slalom skis have a narrower tail, ideal for those quick, sharp turns in places such as slalom courses.
  • Shaped waterskis — Wider than slalom skis and giving you more stability, shaped waterskis are great for those just starting out and the kid’s Connelly waterskis are very popular.
  • Combo waterskis — Combo waterskis allow you to start with two skis, then move down to one as you build your confidence. They’re a good all-round waterski for all sorts of users.

Find Connelly waterskis in the right size for you

Most styles of Connelly waterskis come in a range of sizes and you may be wondering which one is right for you. If you’re shopping for men’s waterskis, you may simply think getting the longest set will work, but it’s a little more complex than that. When choosing men’s Connelly waterskis, use our size chart as a reference as your weight is one of the most important factors. While men’s and women’s Connelly waterskis are the same, you need to find the right ski size for your weight.

Boat speed should also be taken into account. Most product listings explain the speed that each pair of Connelly waterskis are most suited for but in general, longer skis are for slower boats, while faster rides need longer ones.

Get the perfect pair of Connelly waterskis today

Thinking of buying Connelly waterskis in Australia and confused about the sizing? Don’t worry. Trojan WSS has an expert team on hand, so simply get in touch if you’re unsure about anything and we can give you expert advice before you buy. We even offer easy returns if you’re not completely happy with your waterskis.

If you love the snow or the water, you’ll find all the equipment you need at Trojan WSS. Find men’s and women’s waterskis in a variety of shapes and in classic designs — ready to be taken out onto the lake or the sea. Trojan WSS offer free express shipping on orders over $99, so when you need Connelly waterskis in Australia, we’re the place to go.
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