Waterski binding buying guide
An important part of choosing the right slalom ski for you is choose the most comforatble bindings without sacrificing any performance. With so many boots it can be hard to choose the best boots for your application. Fortunately, it can be easy to narrow down which bindings are best suited to you.


A choice for slalom skiers skiing at professional levels. Hardshell boots can be closely compared to snow ski bindings, with a hard outshell, a soft innerline, and an ejection system. The rigid outershell of a hardshell binding allows a skier to get the best reaction out of the ski as possible, making the skier feel like their feet as directly attached to the ski. The soft inner liner makes the boot comfortable, and helps to fill in any gaps between the plastic shell and the skiers foot. Possibly the most significant advantage to hardshell binding is the release mechanism. This allows the hardshell section of the boot to "eject" or release from the ski in the event of a big crash. This means the skier is safely away from their ski in a big crash, avoiding any ankle or knee injuries that can be common amongst course skiers.


Possibly one of the best selections for a skier who wants a custom fitting boot that is comfotable. Closed toe bindings are size specific, just like a shoe, and most have molded foot arch support. This provides an extremely fitted feeling, with the most foot support available from a waterski bindings. Higher end closed toe bindings have stiffer outshells, allowing the skier to get more response out of the ski, with ejectable liners, releasing the skier from the ski in the event of an-over-the-front crash. Closed toe bindings are also available in dual density rubber for skiers who prefer the traditional old school rubber bindings.


The most popular form of binding available on the market. Open toe bindings are perfect for growing feet, or for when people with different sized feet are using the same ski. Having an open front and dual lacig systems. These boots can be tightened to fit smaller kids feet, to larger adult feet all in the same boot. Higher end open toe bindings have a 3 piece construction, meaning the out shell, tounge and boot are 3 different pieces of material. This allows for a comfotable firm fit with good responce from the outer shell.