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Wakeboard Boots

Picking the right wakeboard bindings can be very important, there is nothing worse than having to end your set early because your feet are aching or your boots keep coming loose. When picking a pair of wakeboard boots its important to take into consideration who will be using them, whether you need them just for yourself or something anyone that comes on the boat can use. 

If you are picking up a pair just for yourself you can't go past closed toe bindings  since these are fitted to your exact shoe size you get a fit that is unmatched in open toe bindings . The foot beds will be more supportive as they can add in arch support, around your foot will be more fitted as the boot doesn't need to move as much.  You also get better ankle support.  The best example are the Ronix One Boots 

If you need a boot that can fit multiple sizes you can't go past Open Toe, the design of these boots allow it to fit a range of sizes. When picking Open Toe boots look for comfort and support.

Whats the best brand

Picking the best brand of boots is almost impossible as each brand has boots that will work in different circumstances better for different riders. If you are looking for a boot that will fit multiple sizes well then a district boot is hard to go by, but if you need a boot you can walk around the cable park in then Hyperlite Systems might be more down your alley. When picking a boot take into consideration what your using them for, who else may be using them and also how long you want them to last. A nice and soft pair might be great for right now, but what happens in a year when they get softer and no longer support you. 


If you have found the perfect pair of boots, upgrading to a new board will take your riding to the next level. When picking a wakeboard its a good idea to answer a few questions so that you get the perfect board. Firstly do you need a Boat Or Cable Wakeboard, once that is decided you will need to look at for boat how much grib you want out of your board and the aggressiveness of the rocker which will provide you with lift when hitting the wake. For a cable board you want to look at where it flex's and what materials its made from to ensure a strong long lasting board. 

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