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Hyperlite Wakeboards

Being the industry over 27 years gives hyperlite plenty of experiance and knowledge when it comes to creating the best gear on the water. They have an expansive range in both Boat and Cable wakeboards aswell as Wakesurfers. With Riders such as Shaun Murray on his Pro Model Murray Wakeboard and Trevour Maur on his Blueprint you get pro influence into all there boards. 

Boards for the Cable

When picking a board for the cable Hyperlite have you covered for every style you can think of and even some boards you never knew you needed. From the super stable easy to use Union  to the new age style and versatility of our personal favorite the Pleasure 


Wakesurfers come in all different shapes and sizes, this is very beneficial as what can be the best for you is determined from a lot of factors; The size of your Boat, The weight of the rider, The Skill of the rider. The bigger your boat and Wake are the smaller board that you can choose as your wave will provide all the push you need. If you are just starting its always good to go a little bigger so that you can make little mistakes and stay on the way. The best board we have found for this is the Quad Wakesurfer this has a wide tail with plenty of push so it stable as well as easy. If you are after the best board we have ever ridden then the Bucket Chucker is the top of that list. 

2021 Range 

With a new season right around the corner Hyperlite have an amazing line coming out, with an awesome mix of graphics and new boards shapes there is plenty to get excited about. Starting with there boat range Noah Flegel has crafted the Riot Board to be explosive with great edge hold so you can go massive. If you are after something more playful with a easy feeling low drag and slippery feel then Trevor Maur's Blueprint 

Rope and Handles 

If you are in the market for premium ropes and handles, Hyperlite make some of the best in the business. The softness of the Murray handle  combined with the floating silicone line is a combo that will make anyone jealous. 

Skill Level

Whether you are a advanced level rider or giving it a go for your first time, there is a board in the range that will not only work but make everything as easy as possible. Learning on a State Board is as easy as wakeboarding gets with nice easy rails and a stable platform you will feel secure and safe to try anything. If you have been riding for a long time and feel super comfortable you might want to push your riding to the next level with the Riot Board built for there top Pro's and anyone wanting to boost.

They Have put together a great line of wakeboards, Bindings, wakesurfs, vests and ropes have ever seen before. Shop at TrojanWSS for all things 

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