Kids' Snow Onesies

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Snow Onesies

Snow onsies are the perfect way of keeping the little ones warm up at the snow. Trojan Wake Ski Snow stocks a range of onsies which are both confortable and warm, as well as waterproof keeping the little ones warm and dry on the snow. Since a onesie is effectively a two piece suit (snow jacket and snow pants) combined, it allows for a onesie to be warmer then a two piece, while being cheaper then a two piece.

Trojan Wake Ski Snow stocks a range of the warmest snow onesies from Burton, Quiksilver, and Roxy. Each suit is waterproof and insulated keeping the kids in a warm dry bubble while they play on the snow. 

Looking for just a jacket or pants? 

If you need a jacket or pants for your children trojan has just the range of youth snow outerwear for you. Shop our wide range of youth snow outerwear in store or online at TrojanWSS. 
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