Wakeboard Helmets

    Follow Safety First Helmet - Olive - 2024
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Wakeboard Helmets

A wakeboard helmet keeps your brain safe at all times. Concussion and head impacts are a dangerous possibility of wakeboarding specifically at cable parks. When hitting boxes and kickers these hard surfaces need to be avoided by your head as much as possible. If you do come into contact with one of these obstacles a helmet can make all the difference. Designed for reducing impacts Trojan stocks the highest quality brands such as Follow, Liquid Force and Pro Tec.  

Picking the right Helmets 

When Picking a helmet a few things will be crucial in choosing the best one for you. Firstly the most important thing is size a helmet will be ineffective if it is too big and moves around as when you need it, it could be in the wrong position. Also wearing a helmet that's too small will give you headaches and be very uncomfortable. The next thing too look at is design, Do you want a peak to keep some sun out, do you need ear flaps to protect your inner ear from damage. After all the important aspects you may have a colour you want to match with so colour and outside design should come last 

What are the wake essentials?

Wake essentials include Ropes and Handles, Fins and Laces, Wakeboard covers and Wake Vests. These Wake essentials make a day behind the boat more organised and stress free. Ropes and Handles are a must when wanting to go behind the boat; so always make sure you are well prepared before heading out. Trojan WSS can provide you with all the essentials before heading out with the lowest prices guaranteed. 

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