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Shop our collection of Women's Wakeboard Packages. Browse our range of products online today, with fast shipping Australia wide.

Women's Wakeboard Packages 

Teaming the perfect women's wakeboard with the perfect women’s boots is what creates a great wakeboard setup. Trojan WSS has the best combination of wakeboard packages from Ronix, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Obrien and CWB. Whether you’re after a Ronix Signature with Signature Boots or a Hyperlite Prizm with Jinx boots Trojan has all the combinations you could imagine and more.

Whatever your wakeboarding needs, Shop online at TROJAN WSS and take advantage of our extensive knowledge and expansive range. Enjoy fast and free express shipping from TROJAN WSS across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. 

Shopping for wakeboarding gear is a breeze with women’s wakeboard packages

Buying wakeboarding gear has never been easier with these women’s wakeboard bundles from TROJAN WSS. We have the perfect combo of board and boots, no matter your riding style or skill level. Get the feel of a custom setup with the many pairings in our inventory. 

We created our expansive array of boards and boots to give you a package that meets every need: 

  • Price range
  • Brand
  • Board type
  • Skill level
  • Rocker type
  • Size
  • Bindings
  • Colour and graphics

Get the extreme thrills you crave while boosting your wakeboarding skills when you pair the perfect board with the perfect boots. We take the headache out of matching your gear with bundles assembled by our wakeboarding pros. And don’t settle for small men’s gear — we have women’s wakeboard packages created just for you!

You’ll find all the best wakeboarding brands at TROJAN WSS

With each of our women’s wakeboard packages, you get the top quality brands that offer the best wakeboarding technology available today. We’ve got all the brands you’re looking for, including Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Ronix, CWB, and O'brien.

Let us explain why purchasing a top brand is so important. Your board needs to be durable and able to take the hard wear you give it as a wakeboarding enthusiast. Also, the best brands continually invest in their technology, so you get the most amazing ride possible. They test gear and tweak rails, fins, and cores for lasting use and desired riding qualities. 

Check out our selection of boat boards and cable boards 

TROJAN WSS has wakeboards for every skill level. We also offer a wide selection of cable boards and boat boards. Our boat boards are engineered to give you the ideal ride when you're being towed and can withstand the sun and salt of Australia's great ocean beaches.

No boat? No problem. If you are heading to a cable park to learn wakeboarding, you’ll love our high-quality cable boards that let you take your skills to the next level and learn new tricks. You’ll get the control and speed you want in a board that allows you to take on the boxes and rails of a cable park.

Looking for the rocker for your riding style? We have continuous and three-stage

To find a board that gives you the perfect ride, choosing the right rocker is essential. At TROJAN WSS, we have a tremendous catalogue of both three-stage and continuous rocker boards for your personal preference. 

If you like a smooth ride with a lot of predictability, go for one of our continuous profile boards. With lower friction on the water and a low curve, you’ll get that effortless ride you want. 

If heart-pounding rides and explosive pops out of the wake are what you’re seeking, try a three-stage rocker. You’ll experience more friction, but that translates to a more aggressive ride and the lift needed to perform aerial tricks. 

Still can’t decide which wakeboard is the one for you? Let our expert staff help you select one of our women’s wakeboard bundles with our Wakeboard finder. 

We deliver your gear fast in Australia

TROJAN WSS offers free and fast express shipping in Australia. As an Australian-owned business, we enjoy giving all our customers high-quality equipment combined with ultra personalised service. 

TROJAN WSS has all the other gear you need 

As well as women’s, men’s, and kids’ wakeboard packages, we have all the other gear you need. Check out our wakeboard essentials for one-stop shopping at TROJAN WSS.

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