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Union Bindings

Union are focused on building Bindings differently, they focus on materials and construction to ensure they have products that last in Snow conditions. Being a market leader with Bindings such as the Strata and Classics like the Contact Pro and Trilogy for the ladies. 

"Status quo" is a dirty word at the Company. We believe that if you aren’t moving forward, you're falling behind. So as we put together this year’s dealer book, we bring special attention to how our bindings transform. As a manufacturer, as a brand, and as part of the snowboarding community, we do what competitors say can’t be done: we transform the dynamic between the snowboarder and the snowboard.

The Best Binding Company

If you are after a solid set of Snowboard bindings look no further then Union, being a market leader in snow bindings allow Union to cater for all types of riding and riders. Trojan WSS carries a massive range of Bindings and Jumpers.

Being the connection between yourself and your board picking the right pair of bindings is crucial to the perfect setup. You want your bindings to suit your style and riding type, if you love to hit the park a softer set of bindings that can flex with your board on rails. If you prefer sped down the mountain a stiffer pair of bindings like the Strata Bindings will transfer all your movements instantly to your board.

At Trojan WSS you can find a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. If you are unsure of what is the best Snowboard Bindings for your budget and needs, you can always contact our helpful staff to assist you on your purchase. At the end of the day, our customers are the most important piece of our business, so we want to make sure you will get the right wetsuit to make the best out of your Snow Trips.

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