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    Ronix Ration Board Case - Black / Silver - 2024
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    Follow The Basic Wakeboard Package - White - 2023
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    Follow The Basic Trojan Package - Black/Blue - 2022
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    Ronix Wakeboard Combo 5.5 - White - 2024
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Shop our collection of Men's Wake Essentials. Browse our range of products online today, with fast shipping Australia wide.

Wakeboarding Accessories

Trojan WSS has a broad range of wake essentials to make your day out on the water even better. Whether you’re after a spectra coated wakeboarding rope, a professional wakeboarding handle, replacement fins and laces or a helmet to keep you safe Trojan WSS has you covered. Trojan also offers a large range of covers to protect your ski, wakeboard, wakesurfers or kneeboard so you can shred worry free.

TROJAN WSS has all the wakeboard accessories you need for easy one-stop shopping

Why mess around shopping here and there when you can get all the wakesurf accessories you need at TROJAN WSS? We make buying wakeboarding gear fast and easy. Our quality equipment includes the best brands, so you know the quality is up to your standards. 

Check out our selection of: 

  • Wake handles and ropes
  • Wake helmets for all ages
  • Board bags
  • Autolock kits
  • Wake tools

Our ropes and handles improve your ride every time 

The right rope and handle can take your ride from good to great. We offer a variety of handles, including pro models, with features like better grips, flotation, lightweight materials, and improved durability. 

TROJAN WSS also has an array of rope and handle combo packages. You’ll find the right model for every style of riding and every skill level. Be sure to take a look at our reasonably priced Follow Trojan package, created to mark the 10th anniversary of our partnership with the brand. We are so excited about our first wake collaboration!

Autolock lace kits keep your boot fit secure 

There’s nothing worse than having your boots slipping around in the middle of a ride. Autolock lace kits by Ronix come with four laces and autolocks to keep your boots tied just the way you like them. You won’t have to worry about loose boots or constantly retying your laces with these kits. They make a great gift for the wakeboarding enthusiasts in your life, too. 

Protect your board with a board bag

You put time and money into selecting the perfect board. Now, protect your investment with a board bag. Whether you’re jumping in your ute to head to the beach or going on a long-distance trip, give your board the extra cushioning it needs. You won’t regret it. 

A helmet is essential for safe wakeboarding for kids and adults 

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, a wake helmet is a must for safety, especially if you go wakeboarding at any of Australia’s many cable parks. Hitting a box or a kicker could cause a head injury and brain trauma, including a concussion. Even hitting the water with too much impact can be harmful. 

At TROJAN WSS, we stock a full range of helmets for wakeboarders of all ages. We recommend picking one that fits properly, not too loose or too tight, for the best protection. Aside from fit, you can look for features like a peak to keep the sun out of your eyes or ear flaps. 

Check out all the wakeboarding gear at TROJAN WSS and enjoy free shipping

We have all the wakeboarding gear you’ll need at TROJAN WSS, including boards, boots, vests, wetsuits, and wakeboard packages. We’re an Australian-owned business providing personalised service to all our customers. Enjoy free, fast express shipping on all your orders with us!

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