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Snowboard Hoodies & Pullovers

Whether you're lounging around inside, out on a cold frosty morning or heading to the slopes for another alpine adventure, a warm hoodie/pullover is an essential piece of kit. At TROJAN WSS, we have a fine selection of the warmest hoodies for men and hoodies for women from all the best brands like Burton, Yuki Threads, Anon, DC, Quiksilver, Volcom and Sessions. So, If you're after anything from an oversized hoodie to a quarter-zip fleece or even a waterproof snowboard hoodie, then we have you covered. 

You will find different colours, materials, fabrics, closures, and coatings to suit every situation in our range. Whether it's the comfort of a cotton blend or high-tech fabrics for on the mountain, you'll find a wide range of crews, pullovers, full zip, half zip, flannel and breathable quick-drying fleeces for all conditions on the hill.

All hoodies and pullovers aren't the same. So, the first question you need to ask is, "where will I be wearing the hoodie/pullover and what I'll be wearing it with?" Most of our Hoodies and pullovers will be perfect for getting out and about town, but if you're planning on taking it to the slopes, there are a few things you need to consider. When keeping warm, it is often best to think in terms of layers and choosing the right combinations of garments will keep you warm and dry without the bulk.

Layering 101

If you're dressing for the cold (mainly a snow trip), there are a few essential items you should wear to keep you warm and dry. We usually refer to this as layering. Layering consists of wearing several layers to match the weather conditions. A basic layering system consists of a base layer/thermals, a mid-layer, an insulation layer and an outer layer. The base is the first layer and should help trap warmth next to the skin and wick moisture away from the body. The mid-layer provides some warmth but should be lightweight and quick-drying to help prevent moisture buildup. The insulation layer is obvious; it's there to keep you warm (if you're a warmer person, you will rarely need an insulation layer when riding in Australia, particularly if your jacket is insulated). Finally, the outer layer provides a shell to protect you from the elements. It should keep the rain and wind out yet allow moisture vapour inside your jacket to escape. Our range of hoodies and pullovers typically cover the mid-layer and insulation categories. However, some of the technical hoodies have waterproofing and are suitable for snow activities.

Technical Fleece

A good fleece is super comfortable around town and makes for a perfect mid-layer on the slopes. Made from Polartec® fleece or similar materials, they're warm, lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying. The Burton Men's Hearth Fleece - Gray Heather or the Burton Mens Hearth Fleece Pullover - Iron Gray are an excellent choice for a relaxed look around town or to go under your snow jacket on those colder days. Similarly, the ladies specific Burton Women's Hearth Fleece Pullover - True Black is perfect for lazy winter afternoons or layering up in the snow. For a more technical look and layering at the snow, the Volcom Mens Let It Storm Crew Fleece - Black will be a great option. A quick tip: if you're thinking of wearing an item under other layers and jackets, hoodless is an excellent option.

Technical Hoodies

If you're after a hoodie to use in more extreme weather, then a technical hoodie is ideal. Usually, these garments combine the warmth of fleece with a water-resistant outer layer or coating, making them perfect for trips to the snow. A technical hoodie won't replace your outerwear jacket, but on nicer days and for spring riding, you might find this is all you need on the slopes. The added weatherproofing is handy around town when conditions take a turn. A durable water repellency (DWR) coating to the garment's outer layer provides weatherproofing/water resistance. This thin DWR coating is hydrophobic and helps repel water and keep you dry. You can expect to find other functional features on tech hoodies, including thumbhole cuffs, zippered phone/media pockets, and ports for your headphones. 

If you're looking for a black hoodie, some of our favourites include the Burton Mens Crown Bonded Performance Fleece Pullover - True Black, DC Snowstar Technical Mens Hoodie - True Black - 2021 or the Volcom Mens Hydro Riding Hoodie - Black - 2021. If a grey hoodie is more your style, then some of our favourites include the Burton Men's Crown Weatherproof Full Zip Fleece - Gray Heather or the Burton Men's Crown Weatherproof Pullover Fleece - Gray Heather. If you'd like to mix it up, the Burton Men's Crown Weatherproof Pullover Fleece - Gryhtr/Trublk or the Burton Crown Weatherproof Pullover Fleece - Cyan / True Black are excellent additions to your wardrobe.


If you're after a unique style on the slopes this winter, the Burton Brighton Performance Flannel combines urban style with mountain tech. With Burton's DRYRIDE Mist-Defy DWR fabric and polyester stretch flannel, you'll be warm and dry this winter. This year we like the insulated Burton Men's Brighton Insulated Flannel - Tbrppl/Trublk - 2021 or the classic styles of the Burton Mens Brighton Performance Flannel - Dress Blue Classic - 2021

If you want a good old timeless flannel, then the Burton Brighton Flannel made from organic cotton flannel will be perfect around town. Make a statement with the Burton Mens Brighton Flannel - Tandori Heather Buffalo - 2021 or the Burton Mens Brighton Flannel - Canvas Heather Buffalo - 2021.

Crews and Sweatshirts

A good Crewneck/sweatshirt is a must-have for colder climates. This timeless option is perfect on its own or easily goes under other layers for extra warmth. At home in the mountains or on the streets, a pullover like the Burton Mens Oak Crew - True Black Heather is quick-drying, and bluesign® approved means its low impact on humans and the planet. The Burton BRTN Crew Sweatshirt - True Black combines a classic look with a Cotton and recycled polyester blend for an extra comfortable and relaxed feel. Or mix up the colours with the Burton Mens Crown Weatherproof Pullover Crew - Gray Heather/True Black.

Puffers and Down Jackets

When the temperatures start to drop, a down jacket offers the highest insulation to weight ratio. Tailor you down to your needs with a puffy vest, hooded jacket or hoodless jacket. These cosy jackets are essential for all colder climates.

Environmentally Friendly Hoodies

IF the environment is important to you, brands like Burton and Yuki Threads have a range of environmentally conscious hoodies and pullovers. Yuki has a mind for the environment and wants to preserve our mountains for future generations. Yuki has found ways of creating great snow outerwear by melting down P.E.T plastic bottles to make recycled polyester. This not only keeps you warm and dry up on the mountain but also reuses plastics that otherwise would end up going to waste or floating around in the ocean.

Need some extra warmth for your head?

Trojan WSS has a huge range of beanies to fit every head. Beanies not only keep your head warm, but they can also be a great fashion item on the slopes or around town.

We have bright colours, Light colours, long beanies, short beanies, ear flap beanies and pom-pom beanies. All sorts of beanies. At Trojan WSS, we stock some of the best brands, including Burton, Coal, Quiksilver, Roxy and Yuki Threads.

It's all about that base, base layering!

Trojan WSS has a huge range of thermals/base layers to suit everyone. Whenever you're venturing out into cold weather – particularly alpine regions – the clothing layers you wear and the materials they're made of matter. Please don't make the same mistake many newbies make on their first trip to the snow, assuming wearing four jumpers under their jacket will keep them warm. A good set of thermals is the first layer of defence against the cold and will help keep you warm without the bulk.

This first layer plays another critical role; it should help keep you dry by wicking moisture away from the skin. Snowsports can be a high energy activity coupled with cold, windy weather, and you can go from a sunny (and sweaty) 10 degrees at the bottom of the mountain to a bone-rattling wind chill of minus 10 within the space of a chairlift ride. High-quality thermals are made from wools and synthetics that will draw sweat and moisture away from the skin, keeping you warmer for longer.

Combining a good set of thermals with a hoodie/pullover and the right outerwear will set the foundation for a layering system to suit most of the weather conditions you'll encounter on the slopes. At Trojan WSS, we have you covered (literally) with a full range of winter clothing and accessories to suit your next cold-weather outing.

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