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ANON Goggles & Helmets

For over a decade, Anon has challenged the competition by pushing the limits of design, style, and technical execution for goggles, helmets and accessories. Inspired by the demands of the most elite riders in the world, our progressive goggle and helmet design concepts ensure that every anon. product delivers an unparalleled riding experience — all while giving every rider the ability to make their own style statement.

Anon goggles and helmets are massive in the world of snowboarding but are also worn by skiers who appreciate the technological innovations, fit, comfort and style inherent in everything Anon.

Anon make some of the best Goggles and Face accessories with the Patented MFI Connection that connects your face mask to your goggles you get unrivaled performance and comfort. 

Picking the right Goggles and Helmets

Anon has such a massive range that sorting through what would be best for you can be difficult. Picking the right goggles is all about your use, comfort and compatibility. You are wearing your goggles all day so it's important to make sure they can suit all conditions, Anon has the M range which includes the M4, M3, M2 and WM1. These goggles have magnetic lenses so that you can change lenses in a instant on the mountain and get back on the snow. 


All anon goggles come MFI Compatible this means that they have magnets that face masks can attach to so that you get a barrier from the snow. If you want to check these out they can be found here. We have found the MFI XL Hood

Great examples of there goggles include the M4 Goggles and Ladies WM1

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