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    Oakley Fall Line L Snow Goggles - Purple Ember / Prizm Snow Garnet
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    Anon Tempest Women's Snow Goggles - Black Cherries / Dark Smoke
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Womens Snow Goggles

Finding a nicely fitting pair of snow goggles is one of the most important parts of your snow setup. A pair of good goggles will not only fit and be comfortable, but will also help you identify any changes in terrain, or obstacles hidden in the snow. Here at Trojan we stock a range of the best snow goggles from brands including Anon, Oakley and Modest Eyewear.

Higher end goggles such as the Anon WM1 will have features such as magnetic lenses, and face mask compatibility. Magnetic lenses make lens changes quick and easy by simply removing the lens, and clipping the new lens on magnetically. The Anon WM1 also features MFI facemask compatibility. This means that you can simply attach Anon facemasks onto the goggles using the magnetic attachment points.

Oakley goggles feature PRIZM technology, which works to enhance colours and contrast, allowing the wearer to see more detail. This will work to improve your depth perception on the mountain, and will allow you to see changes in terrain that you otherwise may not have noticed. This is important on the mountain when visibility may be lacking in order to help you identify changes in terrain, or obstacles which you may want to avoid.

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