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Seeded in 2014, Modest is a genuinely rider owned boutique eyewear brand that continues to give back to the lifestyle through prioritising its teams influence and producing premium quality price conscious eyewear. 2020 introduces our new favorite designs such as Modest Black Pulse and Modest Team check.

How to Pick the Right Goggles 

Modest has a simple precise range that makes picking the right goggle even easier, Starting with the perfect Team goggles with a sleek design and spare lens its hard to go past. If you are after a larger lens then we would suggest the Mage, with a larger lens comes greater vision. All modest goggles come with both low light and a mirrored lens so that they work in all conditions.


If you have picked the perfect goggles it might be time to look at a helmet to match, A helmet is always a good idea as you never know when you could take a fall. Having a helmets protects your head and also fits in well with your goggles. Shop our range of Snowboard Helmets Here

Shop online and have your goggles expressed shipped to receive them in the fastest time with Trojan WSS, you can also visit our Store In Vineyard NSW. 

Mens, Womens and Youth

Modest eyewear supply design suited for men, women and youth. Sizing and comfortability is most important when looking for goggles to best suit you. 

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