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Kids Wakeboard Packages

Teaming the perfect kids wakeboard with the perfect kids boots is what creates a great wakeboard setup. Trojan WSS has the best combination of wakeboard packages from Ronix, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Obrien and CWB. Whether you’re after a Ronix Vision with Vision Boots or a Hyperlite Franchise Jnr with Remix Jnr boots Trojan has all the combinations you could imagine and more.

Whatever your wakeboarding needs, Shop online at TROJAN WSS and take advantage of our extensive knowledge and expansive range. Enjoy fast and free express shipping from TROJAN WSS across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. 

Kids’ wakeboard packages from TROJAN WSS make buying wakeboarding gear super easy

If you’re looking for wakeboarding gear for children, you’ll love how simple it is with these kids’ wakeboard bundles from TROJAN WSS. Each pair combines a board with boots, and we have both a girl’s and a boy’s package. Your child will feel like they got a custom combo with these perfectly paired sets. 

We think you’ll find these children’s wakeboard bundles tick all your boxes: 

  • High-quality gear
  • Engineered specifically for kids
  • Boards that grow with your child and their ability
  • Fantastic price
  • Bold and contemporary colours and graphics
  • Variety of sizes

Your child will be able to increase their skill level and have the ride of their life with these boards and boots. They’re easy to use but still give your kid the thrills and fun of adult wakeboarding. Let our kids’ wakeboard packages take away the hassle of trying to match a board and boots for your child. Our experts at TROJAN WSS have done all the legwork for you. 

TROJAN WSS is committed to selling the best brands in wakeboards and boots

You can rest assured you’re getting the best quality on the market when you buy a children’s wakeboard bundle from TROJAN WSS. Like with our adult lines, we only want the top brands, like these kids’ boards from Ronix and Liquid Force. 

Quality boards and boots are important even for kids. That's because their gear takes a lot of punishment — you need it to be durable. You want it to last and be safe for your child. 

Also, the best wakeboard brands invest tons of time and money in making equipment that brings the best experience for everyone, including kids. Their technology guarantees your kid will get a great ride every time because it’s been tested and tweaked before it ever hits our store. 

Confused about rocker style? Let us explain for you

If your kid is into wakeboarding but you’re not (yet!), you might be confused about some of the specs for our kids’ wakeboard bundles. One of the questions we get a lot about boards is, “What does rocker style mean?”

The rocker style refers to the profile of the bottom surface of the board. There are three types of rocker: continuous, three-stage, and hybrid. 

A continuous rocker has less curve to the profile and therefore offers less friction on the water and a smoother, faster ride. A three-stage rocker has a more pronounced curve to the bottom profile and produces more “pop” to the ride. Kids who like to move in and out of the wake a lot or perform aerial tricks prefer this style.

A hybrid board offers the best of both worlds. The curve of the profile is in between continuous and three-stage styles. All of our kids' boards have been designed to provide maximum fun while still giving them good control of their ride. 

Get your children’s gear delivered quickly

Whether you have a celebration or family trip coming up soon, you can count on getting your children’s gear quickly. We offer free express shipping throughout Australia. We are an Australian-owned business dedicated to bringing you high-quality wakeboard, ski, and snow equipment with personalised service. 

We have all the other gear you need at TROJAN WSS 

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