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    Arbor Element Rocker Snowboard - 2024
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    Arbor Element Rocker Snowboard - 2024
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For the perfect 90s throwback skate experience, there’s nothing quite like an Arbor skateboard. Founded in 1995, this California brand has all their boards made in Dubai, so you can be sure of top quality. Trojan WSS stocks a range of Arbor skateboards and longboards, giving skaters a great ride combined with awesome looks. Spend over $99 with us, and we’ll even throw in free express delivery across Australia, so you can get on your new board as soon as possible. 

Find your new favourite Arbor skateboard and Arbor Longboard

Depending on the kind of skater you are, there are both longboards and skateboards in the Arbor range. An Arbor skateboard has a classic shape, with extended wheelbases — making them ideal for cruising or riding at lower speeds. While an Arbor longboard will give you a shorter wheelbase, with softer wheels to take you over a variety of surfaces. Perfect for long rides, all you need is stamina! Whatever board you choose, you can be sure of the highest quality design, construction and a solid look and feel.

Arbor is made from sustainable sources

One of the great things about Arbor is that they use sustainable sources for their wood. This means that when you buy an Arbor skateboard, your purchase doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment and is still of the highest quality. Made from 7-ply wood, these boards are sturdy and strong enough to stand up to the toughest use.

Arbor skateboard graphics to catch the eye

We all know that graphics are one of the most exciting parts of choosing a skateboard! Starting out as a snowboard maker, Arbor boarders take their graphics seriously. When they launched their skateboard range, they passed on the good looks of their snowboards to their land-based boards. Each Arbor skateboard has a bright, colourful graphic that catches the eye and helps you stand out. These are printed to the highest quality — so they’ll stay looking good, even if you work them hard. Working with some great skate artists, look out for Arbor’s limited-edition designs.

Trojan WSS stocks everything you need for outdoor pursuits

Shop our Arbor skateboard range online, or visit our store in Vineyard, NSW to see what we have in stock. 

While we might be go-to skateboards specialists, Trojan WSS loves all things outdoors. From snowboards to waterskis, and all the clothing and accessories you’ll need, you’ll find it all at Trojan WSS. Our team are experts in all sorts of outdoor sports and will be glad to assist you with your purchase — simply contact us for help choosing the right skateboard or gear you are looking for.

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