Burton Snowboard Bindings/Boot Sizing
For a great day on the slopes a good fitting boot and binding is important. Not only do you want a Snowboard Boot that fits your foot correctly you want the correct size Snowboard Binding for you boot size. If your snowboard binding is too small for your boot, it will be difficult to strap in. Likewise, if your binding is too big it will be difficult to securely strap in, which could result in an injury. Also, if your binding is too big, it can potentially overhang the edge of your board, making turns difficult.


There's a reason Burton sell more bindings than anyone else, they make some of the best snowboard bindings in the business. So to make life easy for you, we have put together a Burton Snowboard Binding to Burton Snowboard Boot size chart to ensure you have a perfect fit. Burton snowboard boots combined with Burton bindings will be the perfect combination, however, if you are rocking a different brand of snowboard boots, a set of Burton Snowboard Bindings will still be a great option and this charts can be used as a guide. Also, For the fastest way to stay connected to your board, Burton Step On®︎ bindings and boots will have you lapping your favourite mountain faster than all your friends. DC are now making a range of boots for men and women compatible with the Burton Step On®︎ system.