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Buoyancy suits are an essential piece of wear for water-skiers, wakeboarders, and wave riders. They provide the ultimate in safety, comfort, and protection. 

Wing buoyancy suits are manufactured with over 30 years of expertise in Australia. Providing premium neoprene wetsuits for all types of water sports including wakeboarding, waterskiing, surfing, and barefooting. 

If you want to elevate your style while ensuring maximum comfort and safety when in the water, look to Wing and their collection of performance-driven buoyancy suits. 

Wing Buoyancy Suits

Wing are leaders when it comes to Australian Standard Approved buoyancy suits. Having been worn by world champions in wakeboarding, barefooting, race skiing, and event waterskiing, Wing buoyancy suits prove that they stand the test of durable and full-functioning design. 

All Wing buoyancy suits are made from premium neoprene sourced from around the world and include 100% lightweight, soft foam for ultimate buoyancy and easy maneuverability. 

Buoyancy suits are designed to help lift you to the surface of the water. This is not only essential for safety (if you come off your wakeboard or ski, you need to know you will be safe while waiting for rescue) but also for maximum movement while competing. Having buoyancy allows you to quickly get right back up on the board and continue riding. They help to lower the drag and assist you in swimming faster. While on the board, a buoyancy suit will also allow you to lift your legs more and get the most out of every fine-tuned stroke or movement. 

Ladies Buoyancy Suits

Trojan Wake Ski & Snow stock women’s Wing buoyancy suits for female athletes or hobbyists wanting extra support when hitting the water. 

Performance buoyancy suits come with 3mm neoprene upper body and 3mm neoprene lower body for extra buoyancy in the water and the ability to maintain a good swimming position. A natural streamlined and contoured ski suit gives maximum comfort, acting like a second skin. Wearers will achieve great flotation and the thickness of a wetsuit without experiencing heaviness or constriction on the body. 

The Wing women’s buoyancy suit range is designed by Australian waterskiing women for any woman water skier - from beginner through to professional. 

Buoyancy suits for wakeboarding and skiing  

Wakeboarding and waterskiing are fun and extremely active sports. If you want to buy a wetsuit to improve your performance and comfort while participating in water sports then a Wing buoyancy suit is what you need.

Wetsuits are sold with different thicknesses. Wing buoyancy suits are made from lightweight neoprene which is the ideal choice for wakeboarding or waterskiing. Neoprene offers both a comfortable fit and great flexibility, with 3mm or 2mm thickness being the sweet spot for neoprene buoyancy suits.

Your buoyancy suit should fit snugly but not rub or chafe the skin. They should also be closely fitted without restricting breathing or movement. Knee-length styles are great for active boarders or barefooting, especially during the summer months or in warmer waters.

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