Vans Snowboard Boots

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Vans is well-respected all over the world for producing premium footwear for all types of outdoor activity. Vans range of snow boots set the bar for comfort and style in new season ski wear. From the classic old school black and white stripe design to modern seasonal styles, you can find the best Vans snow and winter boot for the next time you hit the ski field. 

Vans Snow Boots

Vans snow boots allow board riders to really feel the experience, with all modern technology and materials to provide a comfortable and lightweight fit.

Vans snow boots embody the influential style of the brand along with the unique culture of snowboarders and ski-goers. Vans deliver high-performing purpose-built boots that are made for terrain transitioning riders. It doesn’t matter if you board or ski or hike when up in the mountains, Vans snow boots are all-terrain and perfect for meeting the standards of even the most competitive riders.

Vans snow boots are made for comfort and performance. From the most responsive and supportive snow boot through to fashionable winter boots for both men and women, you can’t go past the original Vans brand. 

Getting The Right Fit

Choosing the right pair of Vans snow boots is all about finding the right fit. Getting fitted for snow boots is a little different to regular shoes. For one, they are designed for optimum speed, comfort, and support for use on a snowboard or skis. This means you will naturally be in a more forward flexed position, where the toes will come forward in the boot. Because of this, snow boots are generally a bit larger than other types of footwear in order to support your feet as well as allow for thicker socks. 

When you put on your snow boot, you should find that it hugs the foot comfortably and that there isn’t any restriction on pressure points. Vans snow boots are typically true to size and come with supportive insoles for comfort and support. In a good fitting boot, your toes will gently graze the toe cap and your heel should remain in place when controlling the board. 


Vans take high tech features and merge it with style and comfort. As with all standard models, Vans provide an outsole with excellent traction for traversing all matter of snow, sleet, and ice along with on-the-fly micro-adjustability and custom mould thermal boot liners. 

New-season Vans snow boots include dual-zone Custom Focus Boa construction along with a newly improved thermal retention layer to keep you warm and dry all day long. Boa construction is the modern way of fast and easy fitting. They are in many ways superior to lace-up boots, especially if you’re using them for snowboarding. Simply tighten and fasten the boots to your feet by turning the ratcheting dial. 

In terms of the style of boot, it really is a personal choice. With Vans, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to super sleek style. The majority of the Vans snow boot range come in contemporary yet timeless colour schemes such as black, white, grey, brown, and blue. Some boots feature a traditional lace-up fixing while others incorporate Boa lacing. At the end of the day, it’s up to your personal taste, preference, and purpose when choosing the best Vans snow boot for your next ride.

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