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Worn by some of the best snowboarders in the world, Thirty Two leads the way in snow apparel. 

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned snowboarder, competing, or just carving for fun, wearing the right Thirty Two clothing when on the board will keep you looking and feeling good up on the slopes. 

Established in 1995, the Thirty Two brand was created by snowboarders for snowboarders. From eco-friendly styles, high-performance boots, and durable pants and jackets, Thirty Two apparel has been tested and approved by snowboarders the world over. 

Trojan Wake Ski & Snow is the destination for the best Thirty Two clothes & accessories in Australia. 


Thirty Two outerwear sets the standard for both durability and comfort. Thirty Two snowboard jackets feature all the crucial accessories to keep you warm and dry. This includes high-performance lining to trap in warmth while maintaining breathability. Waterproofing technology through REPEL Fabric creates a protective barrier against moisture, keeping you dry even in the heaviest snowfall. 

Other important add-ons to look for in Thirty Two jackets include ventilation zips, body heated pockets, and handy features such as a phone leash and goggle pockets to keep your personal items and snow accessories safe. 

The best options for hoods include a helmet-compatible hood or detachable hood so you can make your own choice depending on the slope conditions. 


Thirty Two bib pants are made to withstand harsh conditions. If you tend to spend a lot of time boarding in variable conditions, Thirty Two pants will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable regardless of where you’re riding. 

Some important features to look out for in bib pants include fully taped seams and 10K waterproof protection for heat retention and keeping moisture out. 

Rider-driven features include directional stretch fabrics with ultra-durable ripstop to prevent them from being ripped when coming off the board. Combine this with Thirty Two’s relaxed standard fit along with essential features like lined handwarmer pockets, boot zip gussets, adjustable suspenders, and boot gaiters to cinch around the boot and keep out the elements. 

Thirty Two bib pants provide added protection from wintry conditions and are a good option compared to regular ski pants as they provide both leg and waist/chest coverage. 

Snowboard Boots

Correctly fitting boots make all the difference to your performance on the board. 

Thirty Two boots and Thirty Two snowboard boots are designed to provide extra support by increasing impact absorption and improving posture. When snowboarding, this makes it easier to maneuver as well as help to reduce fatigue in the feet and lower body. 

Thirty Two’s range of snowboard boots provides the ultimate combination of support, flex, and durability. 

When looking for a snowboard boot, you should choose a boot that is firm but still lightweight. They will resist slightly when you lean forward and flex but still remain comfortable and not restrictive to the point of putting the foot in a vice-like pressure. Your toes should just brush against the toe box and your heel should be comfortably fitted around the heel cup of the boot. 

Upon the first fit, you may experience tightness but over time they will give and become more flexible yet still maintaining effective support.


Thirty Two snow apparel include a wide range of snowboarding and ski must-haves including fleeces, thermals, hoodies, gloves, beanies and socks. 

Whether you’re out boarding or lounging around the lodge, you can keep warm and dry while maintaining a sense of style with the Thirty Two range. 

Fashion-forward designs will keep even the most style-conscious boarder making a statement on the mountain. From classic colours and fits to bold graphics and prints, Thirty Two is the best choice for classic style mixed with supercharged performance and functionality.

When it comes to snowsports, apparel should be designed with the weather elements and driving function in mind. When shopping for apparel, choose pieces that can be layered to provide maximum warmth and protection. All apparel in the Thirty Two range is made with snowboarding in mind, so you can be sure you’re getting quality pieces that will enhance your enjoyment out on the slopes.

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