Slingshot Cable Wakeboards

    Slingshot Volt Cable Wakeboard - 2023
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    Slingshot Coalition Cable Wakeboard - 2023
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  • Slingshot Solo Cable Wakeboard - 2023 Wakeboards - Mens - Trojan Wake Ski Snow
    Slingshot Solo Cable Wakeboard - 2023
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    Slingshot Solo Cable Wakeboard - 2023
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Slingshot Cable Wakeboards

“We are explorers. Adventurers. Tinkerers. Free spirits”, this is how slingshot describe themselves and when you see the way their team rides you’ll understand why. Slingshot are at the front of the pack when it comes to “style” at the cable wake park. Their international team of riders are some of the most creative riders on the planet and Slingshot’s range of cable wakeboards are no different. It’s not just style that defines Slingshot, they are also innovators when it comes to the design of their boards and boots. Slingshot led the way with flex boards and the gummy strap closure system found on the Slingshot Rad Wakeboard Boots and the Slingshot Space Mob Wakeboard Boots will have you getting I’m more laps at the cable park than all your friends.

New for 2021, the Slingshot Bearden 152 is designed for the cable rail specialist, the featureless base and soft flex pattern will have you grinding and sliding more rails than a skateboarder (speaking of skateboarding, did you know the graphics on the Bearden are a throwback to some famous early skateboarding graphics?). For an out of this would experience, why not try the Slingshot Coalition Cable Wakeboard. With its chinned rails this will be great for sliding on all the rails at your local cable park or next winching mission. New this year, Slingshot has added a 5th set of inserts so you can push your stance in tight. If you’re in a tighter budget the Slingshot Terrain Cable Wakeboard will get you pressing for less. But don’t let the price fool you, this is still a team favourite if you love riding rails. For those wanting to go bigger and do air tricks, the Slingshot Windsor Cable Wakeboard will be a great option, stiff in the belly with flex tips, this offers the best of both worlds, stability for big airs and flex in the tips for pressing on rails, just watch James Windsor ride, you see what I mean. The Slingshot Volt Cable Wakeboard comes in bigger sizes so if you're looking for more surface area for control on rails, this might be the board for you.

Picking the Right wakeboard for you

Picking the right Slingshot Cable Wakeboard can we difficult with such a unique range of boards, luckily, the team at Trojan have experience on the range of Slingshot boards so we can give you advice on choosing your next board. If you’re new to cable wakeboarding or you’re a seasoned rider, we can give you the advice to get you having fun and progressing on the water.

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