Ronix Cable Wakeboards

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Ronix Cable Wakeboards

The team at Ronix created their first wakeboard in 1990 and are an independent run company. How many other companies can say some of their owners can do 1080’s and 1 of them can even do a 1260! That’s, right, not only do they make so of the best wakeboards and have some of the best riders, they’re a brand driven by rider development and understanding the needs of the modern wakeboarder. Also, Lake Ronix is home to Ronix wakeboards, where the Ronix team work tirelessly to progress the sport and equipment.

Ronix Cable Wakeboards are some of the most innovative cable wake park boards on the market. Ronix don’t just make boards with the same flex profile, they have been leaders in creating innovative flex profiles for cable wakeboard riders. Whether it’s the fully customised flex of the Ronix Selekt cable wakeboard, allowing the rider to adjusting every aspect of the boards flex/feel or the super soft belly of the Ronix Kinetik Project Flex Box 1 cable wakeboard combined with rigid tip/tail giving the rider more snap on air tricks and out of obstacles or the soft tip and tail of the Ronix Kinetik Project Spring Box 2 cable wakeboard giving the rider a more locked in feel on presses and rebounding out of them; You’ll find a board that suits your riding style and allows you to progress.

In addition, Ronix brings a range of other innovative features to their cable board line up. Features such as directional paulownia wood grains found in the Ronix Top Notch Pro board, the most durable non-stick sintered base material, vertically poured urethane side walls providing durability and Krypto Cable surrounding the a boards profile make Ronix Cable Wakeboards some of the toughest in the business.

Picking the Right wakeboard for you

Picking the right Ronix Cable Wakeboard can we difficult with such an innovative range, luckily, we test the range of boards each year with a range of riders of differing skill levels so we can give you advice on choosing your next board. If you’re new to cable wakeboarding or you’re a seasoned rider, we can give you the advice to get you progressing on the water.

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