Liquid Force Cable Wakeboards

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Liquid Force Cable Wakeboards

Founded in 1995 by Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon, Liquid Force has roots going back to wakeboarding’s very first days. Finn was the developer of the Skurfer which is widely regarded as the product that introduced wakeboarding to the mainstream. Whilst is partner Jimmy is regarded as one of the most influential and creative designers in the industry. Together, they have developed one of the most reputable and well know brands in wakeboarding, and they are still coming out with some of the most innovative products for boat and cable wakeboarders alike.

Daniel Grant has been one of the most influential cable wakeboarders in history and his Pro Model Park Board the Liquid Force TAO Wakeboard has probably been ridden at more parks around the world than any other board. Available in larger sizes, Daniel’s board will have you doing bigger airs and more laps without the fatigue. Speaking of riders at the top of their game, Anna Nikstad is one badass lady and her pro model board the Liquid Force Virago allows her to dominate the cable park. Don’t be fooled into think the Virago is only for the ladies, this board is equally as good for the guys out there looking to dominate the park. The Virago is available in a range of sizes to suit everyone. Raph Derome should need no introduction, he is one of the greatest riders of all time, not to mention on of the most stylish. Not only does he dominate the cable park with his Liquid Force Raph Wakeboard pro model he also has a pro model boat board available in two versions the Liquid Force RDX Aero and Liquid Force RDX. To get a pro model is one thing, but to get both a cable and boat pro model is something special. If you ever get a chance to witness Raph ride first-hand you see why he’s considered by some as the G.O.A.T! Finally, for the young rippers the Liquid Force Rant will get them progressing in no time.

With features including the LF FlexTrack™ System allowing for the most precise binding stance adjustment in the industry, Full Paulownia Wood Profiled Core for endless durability and spring on rails, LiquidRail™ Sidewalls for heavy side wall impacts Liquid Force have a cable board right for you

Picking the Right wakeboard for you

Picking the right Liquid Force Cable Wakeboard can we difficult, luckily, the team at Trojan have experience and knowledge on the full range of Liquid Force cable boards. If you’re new to cable wakeboarding or you’re a seasoned rider, the team at TrojanWSS can give you the right advice allowing you to take your cable wake park riding to new levels.

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