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Kneeboard Accessories, Straps, Tow Hooks & Parts

Kneeboard accessories such as the Panno Shock is a great addition when riding a kneeboard. Soften your landings and make your time kneeboarding more comfortable with the accessories TrojanWSS offers. 

Trojan WSS has a wide range on kneeboard accessories such as Panno lock kneeboard strap, cutting edge kneeboard combo rope, Straightline knee board cover and more. TrojanWWS will benefit you with our excellent value and high quality kneeboard accessories.


The cutting edge kneeboard combo rope; this combo rope is useful to all kneeboards with or without a hook. As a beginner or not this kneeboard accessory provides an easy attachment to a kneeboard hook. Does your kneeboard need protection? The Straightline knee board cover is a reliable cover that will provide superior protection for your kneeboard. Our other ranges of kneeboard covers such as the 2019 and 2020 KGB retro kneeboard bags have rubber handles for a comfortable grip on your kneeboard accessory.

Don’t have a kneeboard to protect? Try our range of mens and womens wakeboards.

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