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100% Australian owned the Fluid skis range has been extensively tested right here on home soil, with the entire manufacturing process kept in house at our Fluid skis factory.

This enables us to totally control quality, to continually improve our processes and to create the very best water skis at the most affordable prices.

Trojan WSS stocks a huge collection of Fluid skis range of water skiing and wakeboarding gear. Fluid skis is a recognized company that has invested extensively in manufacturing wakeboard and water skiing products and accessories. You can get wakeboard covers, kneeboards, wakeskates, ski binding, apparel, ropes and tubes, and waterskis.

At Trojan WSS, we bring you quality Fluid skis products that will help complement your water skiing and wakeboarding experiences. The Fluid skis gear and accessories we bring you will not only transform your experience in the waters but also make you have fun and take your wakeboarding and water skiing activities safely and stylishly. Explore our wide collection of accessories and products by Fluid skis from us to find the right piece of gear or accessory you want for your next wakeboarding and water skiing trip. 

Reliable Fluid Flight water ski

Fluid flights are designed for fun. They are the skis you want to ride over big wakes to get a huge pop. Our Fluid flight will allow you, as the rider, to show your freestyle talent whilst being able to take flight astonishingly. If you love jumping the wake when on your slalom ski, you may want to get the Fluid flights.

Quality, high-performance kneeboards

At Trojan WSS, we feature Fluid skis branded kneeboard products to spruce your wakeboarding activity. On a kneeboard, a rider is able to pull himself onto their board and hold onto their tow line as they do tricks. Having the right kind of kneeboard can allow you to get the most aggressive ride on the waters. Our Fluid skis kneeboards are designed to allow balance, easy of control, manoeuvrability, and plenty of hold on the edges.  You will take your kneeboarding sport to the next level with these kneeboards.

When choosing a kneeboard, you want to know what you are looking for. If you’re going for something that will allow you to showcase your talent in terms of tricks, then you want to get a kneeboard that has a higher rocker. On the other hand, if you want to have a slalom ride, you may want to go with a kneeboard that has a flat bottom and hard, narrow rails. These kinds of rails will allow you to be able to carve through the waters easier. The hard, narrow rails tend to be more responsive meaning that they help you maintain position, control, balance, and tricks.

Our Fluid skis kneeboards have unique features such as a multiple-stage rocker that allows a soft landing and a pop-off-the-wake experience. The deep channel kneepads ensure extra comfort as you ride through and over the waters. Showcase your wakeboarding game in style and comfort with the right kneeboards. 

Want wakeboarding and water skiing products and accessories that will help enhance your experience? Trojan WSS is your preferred seller of ski and wakeboard products and accessories. 

Contact us to buy your kneeboard, Fluid flight, and other accessories for your upcoming wakeboarding and skiing trip. Visit our store today for a great shopping experience of your wakeboarding products.

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