DUP Cable Wakeboards

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DUP Cable Wakeboards

DUP has been in the industry for over 20 years now, so they know a thing or two about wakeboarding. Less concerned about the hype and fads that come and go in the sport of wakeboarding, they focus on their products and their unique style of graphics.

One of the standout boards in the DUP lineup is the DUP Chilv Pro Cable Wakeboard, with its additional flex in the tip and tail and the DUP signature durability this board will be a favourite for the cable park rail connoisseur looking to press on the rails. Considered the heavy hitter of the DUP cable wakeboard range, the DUP ANTI PRO Cable Wakeboard has a more consistent flex which suits a rider demanding more power and a solid platform for take off. The DUP SDR LTD Cable Wakeboard has a solid feel between the feet, more flex in the nose/tail of the board and a flat rocker profile for more speed on the water. All this makes the SDR LTD a great all-around option and team rider favourite.

Some of the features DUP incorporate into their boards include 100% Paulownia Timber Core,  Dyna6 Base, Polyurethane Side Walls and Strategically Profiled Cores make them a good option for your next cable park adventure.

Picking the Right wakeboard for you

Picking the right Cable Wakeboard can we difficult, luckily, the team at Trojan have experience and knowledge on a full range of cable boards. If you’re new to cable wakeboarding or you’re a seasoned rider, the team at TrojanWSS can give you the right advice getting you progressing and having fun at the cable park.

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