Everything you need to know about Burton

Everything you need to know about Burton

Everything you need to know about Burton

History of Burton snowboards

Burton is a company with origins in the mountains. In 1977 Jake was working long days at an investment firm in New York City. Luckily for us, he had other plans and quit his day job to start making boards. During this time, he moved to Vermont, where he built prototype snowboards and started testing them in the hills of southern Vermont. In these early days, Jake was living on a farm, and the barn was the factory, the living room became the store and the bedroom the office. Around this time, Jake met his future wife Donna, who would later become an integral part of Burton and helped introduce snowboarding to the world.

During the next decade, Jake, Donna and the Burton riders worked tirelessly to improve the products, but it was another challenge that helped shape the path of snowboarding. Before snowboarding had the commercial success it enjoys today; it was banned at ski resorts. Jake, Donna and Burton worked hard and played an instrumental role in getting snowboarders into resorts and onto chair lifts worldwide.

Jake is regarded as the undisputed grandfather of modern snowboarding, and many of his ideas and innovations have elevated snowboarding from a backyard hobby to the sport it is today. Unfortunately, Jake is no longer with us, but his snowboarding passion lives within the Burton family. They continue pushing the sport forward with technology, sustainability and riding that sets the benchmark, and their products reflect this passion and innovation. The Burton team riders embody this passion. They are Olympic champions, world champions and leaders in the industry, and they're also the perfect ambassadors for the sport and all that Burton represents. They provide the feedback and do the testing so you can get the most out of every day you're on the mountain.

No matter the riding style or experience level, the Burton range of products is so extensive that you'll find the perfect gear for your next trip.

Burton FAQs

Can Burton bindings go on any board?

Burton makes some of the best bindings in the business, and they're great value too. However, Burton offers two mounting options, and the mounting style determines if the binding can be mounted on any board. Burton Re:Flex bindings provide a universal mounting option and can be used on almost any board, including 3D, 4x2, and snowboards featuring The Channel. Burton's EST stands for Extra Sensory Technology and is an option exclusively designed for use with The Channel system found on Burton boards. As a result, EST bindings are incompatible with boards from other brands, which typically have 4x2 or 4x4 hole patterns.

Choosing the correct Burton bindings is straightforward. The EST system is a natural choice if you love and only ride burton boards. They offer excellent board flex underfoot, allowing the board to flex and turn as naturally as possible. Alternatively, the Re:Flex bindings are the right choice if you own boards from different brands. Also, if you're planning to ride old boards from Burton, the Re:Flex bindings can be mounted to the 3D system found on these old boards.

Do Burton boards come waxed?

All Burton snowboards come from the factory waxed and ready to ride, so you can hit the slopes as soon as you get your new board. The factory waxing typically uses an all-temperature or universal wax, which is perfect for most riders.

Some riders might like to customise their board and apply temperature-specific waxes, which often comes down to personal preference and awareness of the conditions you'll be riding in. If you'll be riding in warm and wet conditions or extremely cold conditions, then getting a temperature-specific wax can enhance performance. Our technicians can help you decide what's best for you if you're unsure.

Finally, don't forget you should wax at the beginning and end of every season and after about every 3-5 days riding to keep your board performing and minimise degradation of the base material.

Can you use Burton step on boots with other bindings?

The Burton Step On system is an excellent alternative to traditional boots and bindings, allowing a fast strapless connection between boot and binding. Or, as Burton says, "it's as easy as: Heel. Toe. Go.". Unfortunately, this is an integrated system, and Burton's Step On boots can not be used with other bindings and vice versa. In addition, Step On boots includes heel cleats and toe hooks, which won't work with other bindings and may damage your gear if you try.

Do Burton boots run small?

Burton snowboard boots fit true to size, so your usual sneaker size is a good starting point. However, there are subtle differences in how a boot should fit and feel. We recommend visiting our stores and getting a technician to measure you up, then trying on a few different styles and sizes, so you have the best time possible on the slopes. Remember, boots should be comfortably snug, without being too tight or loose.