Burton Step On Review

Burton Step On Review

Across Australia Burton Step On's are starting to grow and really take off. We have just received our step on bindings and excited to pass them onto the next level of snowboarders.

I was lucky enough to get a ride using Burtons new system last year at falls creek during their rider’s retreat. This time I used the step on system for 3 days straight and this is what I found.

How does it work? 

The Step On Boots have 2 prongs on the outside of each foot, near the neo cap. These front 2 prongs lock into the front of the Step On Binding and the final prong on the rear of the boot locks into the heel cup, securing you to the board.

No one has come out of the step on system and it actually feels really secure.

How to get out of Step On?

There is a lever on the side of the binding towards the back. Simply lift this upwards and you can step out.  


The ability to be ready to go before anyone else. Quite literally step on and go. The only thing you have to watch is your pant that it doesn’t get stuck in the locking mechanism however Burton have added a clamp to hold that pant out of the way. Although you may not click in straight away if you wiggle and push down a bit you will notice it all click in and secure. A few times I would lock in and do a little jump to make sure it was ready to go. 


You want to make sure your boots are spot on for size. Now I know this is said no matter what but with the step on system you really want them to be a perfect fit. With the step on system not having any straps, you lose that ability to crank down the ankle strap and secure you boot down now if you had a bit of room in you boots this would normally help close that gap and give you that tight feeling. With step on that isn’t the case and you switching between toe and heel side if you have any movement in your boots you will notice instantly and start to get blisters or rubbing points. So make sure you get fitted properly! 


The Burton Step On system has great response and feel. The movements between toe and heel side were smooth and had great control just like a normal binding. One thing I will point out is I did see a bit of movement in the EST binding lifting from the board however I didn’t feel much movement when going down the mountain. All in all these feel just like a normal binding without the hassle.  

In my experience with Step Ons I wouldn't go back to standard bindings after riding these. The simplicity and ease of this system is unreal. Nothing is better than a fast exit from the chair lift and a fast entry down the slopes.  

Burton Step On Boots and Burton Step On Bindings are now available at Trojan Wake Ski and Snow. If you have any further questions about the Burton Step On system or want to know more? Contact Us to talk to one of our friendly staff about it.