2023 Tube Buyers Guide

2023 Tube Buyers Guide

2023 Tube Buyers Guide

A fun day out on the water is never complete without a towable tube. Perfect for the young, old and everything in between a tube is a great addition to any boat. However, it does get tricky when there is a multitude of different shapes, riding styles, and brands. Well, Trojan has you covered to help with your decision so you can add the all-encompassing fun a tube provides to the whole family throughout a day out on the water.

The Basics!

The first question you need to ask yourself is how many people you want to tow at one time behind your vessel. Depending on your state laws you can have multiple people on a tube at the same time. The more people you want on the tube, the bigger it should be! Most brands make tubes in single, double, triple, and four + rider styles (You will find this in the item descriptions when looking at tube products online in our store). 

Check NSW boat safety rules here 


After you’ve worked out how many people you want to tow on the one tube the next decision is what style of the tube would be suitable for you and the needs of the people you are towing. The two main styles of tubes are ones that your riders sit in (think doughnuts) and tubes that riders lay down on (think biscuits). There are also subcategories within these two styles, such as wing tubes and lounges. What we have found at Trojan is that lay-down tubes are more fun for the more comfortable people in the water, like teenagers and adults as they can be whipped faster and are less secure. More speed, more whips, more stacks, more fun right? Well sometimes no. For the little ones, and people less confident in the water, sit in tubes are the better fit. This style of tube works well for these riders as they provide a lot more security as their bodies are anchored to the tube and often have inflated walls around them meaning far fewer falls off the tube and easier secure riding. 

Now let's talk about the tube subcategories that were previously mentioned. Let's break them down into our two riding styles for better understanding. 

Lay Down Riding 

The simplest style of a laydown tube is a biscuit. These are circular pads with handles across the top and can be commonly found in most brands catering from 1 - 3 riders depending on the model. This style of lay-down tube is a lot of fun as it's one of the faster tubes and experienced riders can lift either side when being whipped to skim across the water. However, this style of tube is also one of the hardest to stay on, due to only having handles on the top side for riders to hold on to. For teenagers, nothing beats the speed and excitement of a smaller-style biscuit. An example of this tube is seen below. 

The second style of laydown tube is a D-shaped tube. These styles of tubes generally can be found in the 3 and four + riding styles. These tubes are in a large d shape with handles on the top and inflatable flutes on the back edges of the tube. What these flutes do is give riders a solid piece that they can hook feet and knees into making it harder to slide off the edge. Making them a little more user-friendly than a biscuit style but still have all the fun attributes that a laydown tube provides. An example of this tube is seen below. 

The third common style seen is a winged tube. Most of these styles of tubes are 3 and 4-rider styles. They have handles along the front side of the tubes however the edges rake up towards the edge. Meaning these tubes can roll onto the edge and slide along onto the wings in turns. This style of tube is a lot of fun for the more confident riders who want a more aggressive tow. However, these tubes also handle great at slower speeds for the little ones and less confident riders. Making them a great all round tube to have in the boat! An example of a winged tube is pictured below for reference! 



Sit In Riding

The first most commonly seen style of sit-in tubes is a doughnut. These tubes are commonly seen in a single-rider style. They are composed of a doughnut-shaped inflatable inner section and a removable outer cover section. They are designed for the rider's bum to sit in the centre hole with their legs going over the front of the tube whilst grabbing the handles on the front. Doughnuts can be towed aggressively, and in some situations, boat owners can choose to tow multiple doughnuts for the ultimate tubing fun. However, due to their sit-in style they are also quite secure and significantly harder to fall off. Meaning they are also good for the little ones and less confident members in your boat. An example of a doughnut tube can be pictured below!



The second very popular tube that can commonly be seen on a day out on the water is a Lounge. A lounge comprises a large lower inflatable D-shaped section, with the addition of an inflatable backrest. These tubes are GREAT for the little ones. This style of tube is the perfect match for a day out with the extended family. The combination of security provided by the seated position and the ability for adults to sit with children whilst underway, makes it perfect for young families looking to get their kids comfortable behind the boat. With all that being said, lounges can still be fun for adults due to their elevated carrying capacity and abreast riding style. Check out the picture below for reference!

There are many accessories for your tube such as tube ropes, bungees and tube pumps to make the best use of your new purchase. These can be found below on our website. 


If there are any questions about any of this information, we are always happy to answer any questions via our website, email and our contact number (02)45775333. See you out on the water!