2021 ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots Review

2021 ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots Review

2021 ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots Review

UPDATE: ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots are in stock and ready to go. Shop in-store or online now.

ThirtyTwo gear for this season has started to arrive, and it's looking fantastic. ThirtyTwo have been in the snowboard game for a long time, establishing a reputation for quality and innovation. With roots as a boot brand, they have expanded their line to include some great looking outerwear. And with a diverse professional team including Jeremy Jones, Scott Stevens, JP Walker, Chris Grenier, Halldór Helgason, Desiree Melancon and Elena Hight, you can be confident that you will find the boot or outerwear for your riding style.

The most important factor when choosing boots is fit. Get this wrong, and you're in for a lousy day on the slopes. With that in mind, ThirtyTwo offers a great range of boots with innovative features and comfortable liners. For example, some of their models come with heel hold kits for a truly customisable experience. The entire range of boots features comfort and performance at all price points. Some standard features include:

  • 1:1 Lasts means every half size boot has a unique size and shape for a precise fit.
  • 3D Moulded Tongues offering an anatomical fit and even flex.
  • Heel Hold System/Internal Harness/Lacing Systems for the ultimate in heel hold and support
  • 100% heat-mouldable for a custom fit

With a range of iconic models available at different price points and some great colourways, you're sure to find a snowboard boot that fits your feet and style.

Men's Snowboard Boots

ThirtyTwo STW Double BOA Snowboard Boots

The STW has been around for a while now, but new for this season is a Dual BOA version. A Dual BOA Closure System gives you precise control over upper and lower lacing zones for a truly custom fit. The STW has ThirtyTwo's Comfort liner consisting of a dual-density intuition foam and microfleece lining for warmth and comfort. Further, the moulded Comfort footbed reduces impact for all-day comfort. Overall, the STW is a softer flexing boot ideal for beginner to intermediate riders or freestylers wanting extra flex to tweak out their tricks.

ThirtyTwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

A boot favoured by team rider Chris Bradshaw. For this season, the Lashed includes an updated Performance Rubber outsole for extra durability, whilst Evolution Foam supplies cushioning. Enhancements compared to the STW include the Team Internal Harness offering medium support and extra heel hold, a Performance backstay for additional support and an articulated cuff to eliminate shell distortion. Internally, the Team Liner and Team Footbed improve comfort. The liner's dual density intuition foam provides comfort, and they ship with a heel hold kit so you can customise fit around the ankle. The footbed sees the inclusion of a heel cradle and enhanced arch support for less foot fatigue one those long days. The Lashed has a medium flex and is ideal for the intermediate to advanced rider. With all the comfort necessary for a full day of riding, the Lashed is excellent for park laps but still offers enough support for carving on groomers or adventuring off the trail. With the option of traditional laces or dual BOA, you'll be able to dial in the performance, fit and comfort you need at a great price point.

ThirtyTwo Lashed Double BOA Snowboard Boots

The Lashed Double BOA is a best seller in the lineup, and for a good reason. With all the comfort and heel hold mentioned above, you also get the precise control of a dual BOA closure featuring TX3 laces. TX3 features a flexible textile lace that provides natural flex and less wear than traditional steel cables. Available in some fantastic colourways from toned down blacks or bright yellows or with extra crab grab flare, the Lashed Double BOA is a favourite for this season.

ThirtyTwo Lashed Snowboard Boots

If you love the Lashed and want a great mid-flexing all-rounder, but are still looking for a traditional lacing closure, then the Lashed with standard lacing is a great option. All the comfort and performance you'd expect from a Lashed boot, but the traditional lacing keeps the cost down and the value high. And, the red colourway is on fire this season.

ThirtyTwo TM-2 Double BOA Snowboard Boots

The TM-2 takes all the comfort of the Lashed and steps things up. The most versatile boot in their lineup makes it the preferred choice for team rider Scotty Stevens. Compared to the Lashed, the TM-2 includes the Performance Internal Harness, which is taller for additional support and heel hold. Sharing many features of the Team liner found in the Lashed, the TM-2 gets the upgrader Performance Liner with strategically place overlays for extra support and includes the heel hold kit for truly custom fit. The Performance footbed shares the same comfort as the Team footbed with enhanced heel cushioning for when you go big or land heavily on flatter terrain. The Overmold fused overly will keep you riding season after season with enhanced durability. Finally, the dual BOA closure featuring TX3 laces provides natural flex and less wear than traditional steel cables. With a medium flex, the TM-2 is a versatile boot for all riding styles and suits intermediate to advanced snowboarders.


Women's Snowboard Boots

ThirtyTwo STW BOA Womens Snowboard Boots

The STW BOA Women's Snowboard Boots offer greater comfort with the convenience of a single BOA closure. Like the men's version, the women's STW has a Comfort liner consisting of a dual-density intuition foam and microfleece lining for warmth and comfort. Further, the moulded Comfort footbed reduces impact for all-day comfort, and the fleece collar adds extra warmth. Overall, the STW is an excellent value softer flexing boot and ideal for beginner to intermediate riders. Also, this is a perfect option for freestylers wanting a softer boot to tweak out their tricks.

ThirtyTwo STW Double BOA Womens Snowboard Boots

With all the comfort mentioned above, the women's STW Double BOA steps things up with a dual BOA closure system. Whereas a single BOA system is ideal for quick and convenient entry, the dual BOA system allows you to dial in a custom fit with a few twists. You can lock in your forefoot to eliminate heel lift and independently control the upper zone to suit the riding conditions and your style. Keep the top zone a little looser for cruisy park laps, then dial in the boot response with a few turns for high-speed carving. Overall, the STW Double BOA is a softer flexing boot and great value for a dual BOA system. An ideal boot for beginner to intermediate riders or freestylers wanting a softer boot to tweak out their tricks.

ThirtyTwo Lashed Double BOA Womens Snowboard Boots

For this season, the women's Lashed Double BOA has an upgraded Performance rubber outsole combined with evolution foam cushioning for enhanced durability and impact protection. The Lashed is an all-mountain workhorse; starting with the comfort of the STW, the Lashed gets some upgrades. The Team Internal Harness provides enhanced heel hold and medium support, and an articulated cuff helps minimise shell distortion. Internally, we see the liner and footbed upgraded to the Team versions. The Team liner offers dual density intuition foam for comfort, and the included heel hold kit allows for a customised fit around the ankle and further eliminating heel lift. Enhanced arch support in the footbed means less foot fatigue on those long days. The TX3 dual BOA system's flexible textile laces reduce wear and enhance natural flex. The Lashed has a medium flex and is the perfect boot for an intermediate to advanced snowboarder. With plenty of comforts and the custom fit of Dual BOA, the Women's Lashed has the ideal balance of flex and support for a wide range of styles and terrain.

Snow Outerwear

With the same quality and style as their boots, ThirtyTwo's range of snow outerwear will keep you dry, warm and stylish all season long. With a fine selection of snow bibs and jackets, you will look the part with some ThirtyTwo snow outerwear.

ThirtyTwo Light Anorak

Featuring REPEL 10K fabrication, fully taped seams, an adjustable hood, media pockets, mesh-lined zip vents and much more, the ThirtyTwo Light Anorak is the perfect shell for all-terrain riding. Lightweight, durable and stylish makes this the ideal Anorak for days on the mountain, and the colourways are fantastic.

ThirtyTwo Lashed Shell Jacket

With a clean, stylish design, plenty of tech features and some great colourways, the Lashed shell jacket is a great option. REPEL 15K fabrication with 15K waterproofing and breathability keeps you dry and removes moisture. Flow-Thru chest vent pockets are great for those warmer days, whilst brushed tricot-lined handwarmer pockets will be perfect for chilling or cruising around town after a day on the mountain.

ThirtyTwo TM Jacket Grenier

With such an incredible colourway, you'd be mistaken for thinking the ThirtyTwo TM Grenier Jacket is all show. However, this stylish jacket is full of tech features for hardcore riders. Sharing many of the Lashed jacket's tech features and styling, the TM Grenier Jacket steps up the performance with REPEL 20K Fabric. Combining 20,000mm Waterproofing and 20,000Gm2 breathability makes this ideal for the serious rider needing to keep water out and allow moisture to escape simultaneously. The reactor mesh lining has fibres that react to temperature, expanding when warm to release sweat and contracting in the cold to trap heat. Fleece panels in selective areas help keep you warm without restrictions and bulk.

ThirtyTwo Basement Bib

The Basement Bib strikes the perfect balance of performance and value with its REPEL 15K Dura-Stretch fabric and fully taped seams. This bib features a relaxed standard fit for comfort and triple stitching in critical zones for durability. Available in a range of colours, from black to eye-catching yellows, the Basement bib will have you making the switch to bibs this season.

ThirtyTwo Spring Break Bib and ThirtyTwo Spring Break Parka

Designed with Spring Break funder Corey Smith's input, these high-performance jackets and bibs are a go-to for powder enthusiasts. REPEL 20K fabric and exclusive Reactor Mesh lining keeps you warm and dry. The reactor mesh lining has fibres that react to temperature, expanding when warm to release sweat and contracting in the cold to trap heat. The Jacket features a longer pintail and split side design for timeless style. You will find dual zip continuous crotch venting and hip venting for when things start to heat up on the powder bib. Separately, these are great pieces of kit but grab both if you're looking for unique style and plenty of performance this winter.


Learn More and Quick Fitting Advice

You can check out the excellent range of ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots and Snow Outerwear available on our ThirtyTwo page. When it comes to buying snowboard boots, correctly fitted boots are essential and matching a boots performance to the rider's ability is also recommended. A sure way to ruin a day on the mountain is by wearing incorrectly fitted boots. Check out our range of Men's Snowboard Boots and Women's Snowboard boots for more options.

These days most reputable brands include heat-mouldable liners, allowing you to customise the fit. However, we recommend starting with a boot that fits well before heat moulding. Different manufacturers will use different lasts, so each brand and even models from the same brand will fit differently. Things to look for when trying on boots include minimal heel raise when you lace up the boot, comfortable around the calf, a snug but not painful fit, room for your toes (you should be able to wiggle your toes, but it's ok if they gently graze the end), no pressure spots, and the list goes on. When trying boots, we suggest you wear your riding socks (or a thinner pair as the boots will packout over time) and lace the boot as tight as you would when riding. Correctly fastened lacing and internal harnesses will lock your heel in and pull your toes away from the toe cap. Boots often require a few days of riding before they pack out to their actual size, so a loose fit in the shop might become too loose later on. As a result, a brand new boot should be relatively tight in the store.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the size of binding you will require (and possibly your board's width) will depend on your boot size, so make sure you get the correct binding size to match your boots. Happy riding.