2021 Burton Snowboards Overview

June 02, 2020 6 min read

Burton is back in 2021 with a heavy hitting lineup featuring some of their most popular boards, spruced up with flashy new graphics . We're super excited to have some of Burton's top boards in store for Winter 2020. We will be giving a brief overview of the Burton snowboards range for 2021 picking out our favorite graphics and new boards that we are excited about. 

Trojan's Favorites

2021 Burton Custom X

Ride Type: All Mountain
Flex: 8/10

The Custom X is Burton's flagship all mountain snowboard. Packed full of Burton's best technology, the Custom X is stiff, stable while remaining very light. The Camber profile allows for a fast, precise and aggressive riding board that offers a tonne of edge hold. The Custom X features an extremely fast Competition-Grade Base, along with Carbon highlights which allow for the incredible stiffness and lightness. The Custom X is capable of holding its own down some of the toughest backcountry slopes, to competitions such as the Olympics and everything in between. If you enjoy pushing the limits on a snowboard, the Burton Custom X is definitely the board for you.


2021 Burton Custom

Ride Type: All Mountain
Flex: 5.5/10

The Burton Custom takes the Custom X, and tones it down a bit for an easier, more versatile all round board. The Custom is the board that anyone of any skill level can jump on and have a tonne of fun. Available in both a Camber Profile, which allows for an aggressive ride with a tonne of edge hold, and a Flying V Profile which blends the benefits of Camber and Rocker together, giving the board a catch-free forgiving and easy ride. The Custom is the go anywhere board perfect for someone who wants to go from the mountain, down into the park without having to swap over boards.

The Custom Flying V is also available here.

2021 Burton Free Thinker

Ride Type: Mountain

The Burton Free Thinker is Danny Davis' pro model twin tip freestyle board. The board features a poppy, playful camber profile which will give grip when it is needed, as well as poppy responsive ollies all while remaining nice and stable at speed. The Free Thinker features 45° carbon highlights which reduces the overall weight of the board and provides a more aggressive  ride.


2021 Burton Deep Thinker

Ride Type: Mountain/Powder
Flex: 6.5/10

The Burton Deep Thinker is Danny Davis' poppy, playful, pow friendly pro model board. The Deep Thinker is great for any riders who are hitting some deeper powder but still want the playfulness of the Free Thinker. The Deep Thinker features a directional camber which is essential at keep the nose up on top of deep snow. The camber profile of the Deep Thinker is specifically designed to be extra poppy to allow for some deep powder free style riding. 

2021 Burton Mens Snowboards

2021 Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero Snowboard

The Burton Hometown Hero was made for there backyard in vermont but it works well on every mountain, built for tight turns through trees and softer snow. We have used this board on everything from icy groomers to powder and it performs great in all conditions, its fast through turns while being fun and playful when it gets soft.

2021 Burton Custom Flying V

The Burton Custom. What else can we say about this board that hasn't been said already. With the most recognizable name in snowboards the custom speaks for itself. An All mountain killer, The Custom works all over the hill, it is fast and versatile meaning you can take it straight from the mountain, into the pipe, then straight through the park. The Burton Custom is a perfect fit no matter what your riding.

2021 Burton Process Snowboard

The 2021 Burton Process is an all round freestyle true twin board which meets the performance demands of pro riders. The Process features a lightweight design with a playful soft flex as well as PurePop camber that is versatile enough to take this board down the mountain or through the park.  The playfulness and performance of this board allow anyone from a beginner looking to head to the park for the first time to a pro who hits the mountain every day of the week. The Process is also available in a Flying V profile allowing for an easier, catch free ride.

2021 Burton Paramount Snowboard

The Burton Paramount is another all round freestyle twin tip board with a slightly stiffer profile. This makes the Paramount the go anywhere board but with a more responsive, stable deck. The Paramount has a full camber profile which gives the board great edge hold as well as a poppy playful feel. This will allow the Paramount to jump and carve all over the mountain.

2021 Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard

The Burton Flight attendant is the perfect board for anyone wanting a freeride board that can be taken through the powder. The Flight Attendant features a directional camber as well as a larger nose which keeps the board up on top of the snow. The Flight Attendant also features a snappier tail so you can pop and turn in any snow condition.  

2021 Burton Skeleton Key Snowboard

The Skeleton Key has been in the range for a few years now after moving into the mainline from the family tree range and aren't we glad. A directional board that is a whole lot of fun, with the short tail you can really throw it around the mountain. If the snow gets soft, set your boots back and it comes alive in powder. 

2021 Burton Kilroy 3D Snowboard

Trojan were lucky enough to get to use this board at a Burton retreat at falls creek and again in Japan. This board feels so smooth and catch free, it give you the confidence to try anything you want. The turnt up edges make the board feel buttery in all conditions and it come to life on the mountain and rails.

2021 Burton Kilroy Twin Snowboard

The Burton Kilroy Twin is a soft, playful, twin tip freestyle board perfect for anyone that is looking to his the park. Featuring a camber profile giving the board a playful poppy feel making the Kilroy Twin the perfect choice for anyone that is looking to start hitting the park that doesn't want to spend a tonne on a board. As well as being an amazing park board, the Kilroy Twin also holds its own on the mountain, carrying great speed and having great edge hold due to its cambered profile. The Kilroy Twin is the perfect all rounder at a more budget orientated price point.


2021 Burton Feelgood Flying V Snowboard

The Burton Feelgood Snowboard has been in the Burton range for a long time, this board is a favorite with many of the pro's and its because it works on most terrain. The Feelgood works on all terrain whether you are after tight turns through the tree, speed down the mountain or pop in the park the feelgood delivers.

2021 Burton Talent Scout Snowboard

 If you are after something to shred the park with the Talent Scout is the perfect choice, with a camber rocker and twin shape you get awesome flex and a symmetrical board to throw around. The Talent scout can be taken all over the mountain, it is powerful enough in the turns and flexy enough that will make you fall in love with camber again. 

2021 Burton Day Trader Snowboard

 The Burton Day Trader is a versatile freestyle board that is perfect for for hitting powder. The Day Trader features a directional flat profile, meaning the board is flat with a longer, rocker nose. This allows the board to effortlessly float through deeper power. The flat profile gives the Day Trader an easy, catch free ride that flows when there's powder, but rides like a twin board when there isn't.

2021 Burton Yeasayer Flying V Snowboard

If you are after a fun and playful board to be used all over the mountain, we highly recommend the Burton Yeasayer Flying V. It will be floaty in the powder, nice through the turns on the mountain and fun in the park. The flying V camber will make give it a relaxed and floaty feel while giving you good edge hold. 

2021 Burton Rewind Snowboard

The Burton Rewind is a playful poppy board that can be ridden all over the mountain, but excels in the park. Burton's Purepop Camber combines camber between your feet with a flat spot under foot that allows for a poppy board, that is also catch free and playful. This makes the Burton Rewind the perfect board for the park, that is also a tonne of fun to ride all over the mountain.

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