2020 ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots Range Breakdown

May 16, 2020 4 min read

2020 ThirtyTwo Boot Range

ThirtyTwo was established in 1995 from a family of Skate Footwear, since it began ThirtyTwo has been focused on making the best Snowboard Boots they can. With knowledge from years in the skate industry they have pushed the Snowboard Boot market forward bringing innovation in technology, performance and comfort. With a range that is fully heat mouldable you not only get an awesome boot it can be fitted to your foot instore.

The 2020 Range brings back all your favourites in awesome colourways and sweet collabs. A few standouts for us are the Ladies Lashed Double Boa in brow, Men’s Lashed Double Boa in Olive and the Light JP’s. Thirty-two range has something for everyone whether you prefer something solid and stiff like the TM-2 that will make you feel connected to the board or something super simple the STW Boa that is soft and easy to wear in giving you soft comfort from the start.

We will start at the top with the TM-2

2020 ThirtyTwo TM-2 Double BOA

If you are after a stiff boot to use in all conditions the TM-2 would be perfect for you. The ThirtyTwo Performance liner gives you added support and stiffness that you will feel once you put your foot into a pair of these. The TM-2 has a performance backstay that gives you a stiff feeling that means all your movements are transferred to your board. The TM-2 have double BOA Closures so that you can adjust the top and bottom separately to ensure they fit your foot perfect. The boots have a dual density outer sole which gives you great grip on ice and snow. 

The TM-2 boots would be perfect for heavy use over a season or someone that demands a lot from there binding and want them to last 100 days or more

Men's ThirtyTwo TM-2 BOA

Buy 2020 ThirtyTwo TM-2 Double BOA Here 2020 ThirtyTwo TM-2 Double BOA

2020 ThirtyTwo Women’s TM-2 Double BOA

Are you a lady that demands the most from her boots? Then the TM-2’s are for you with a stiffness that makes you feel locked in and instantly transfers all your movements straight to your board you feel extremely in control with these on. The Performance liner give you support, comfort and stiffness so that you can ride these all day every day and feel good every time. They come In this awesome Purple colourway for 2020 that you just can’t go past, these will make any setup look spectacular. If you want the Best try the ThirtyTwo TM-2’s

2020 ThirtyTwo Women's TM-2 Snowboard boots


2020 ThirtyTwo Lashed Double BOA

The Lashed Double BOA was one of our most popular boots for 2019 and once you put your foot inside you will understand. With a super comfortable heat mouldable liner built with a solid exterior the Lashed are comfortable and durable. The Lashed are a mid-stiffness with some bullet proof features, A dual BOA allows you to have a more customizable fit so that you feel comfortable on the mountain. Coming in stealth black or Olive there should be a lashed to fit anyone’s taste
 2020 ThirtyTwo Lashed Double BOA


2020 ThirtyTwo Women’s Lashed Double BOA

The Women’s Lashed Double BOA has an amazing fit, durability and comfort. The Lashed is on the slightly stiffer side for the ladies so you feel a good responsiveness and support. The Double BOA makes it super easy to lace up and get a custom fit on your foot and ankle. The team liner is Heat mouldable so that from the moment you mould them they feel like a boot you have worn in; this makes the break in time short and gives you more chance to enjoy the boot for longer. With plenty of amazing colours to choose from you should be able to pick something that suits your style from the simple black and purple to the loud brown and purple. Otherwise the B4BC always has a nice colourway and your supporting a great cause.

2020 ThirtyTwo Women's Lashed BOA

Buy 2020 Women's Lashed Double BOA here 2020 Women's Lashed Double BOA 

2020 ThirtyTwo Zephyr

Want something more traditional then the Zephyr is perfect for you, with Lace closure you get all the benefits of adjusting each loop as you would prefer it. The Zephyr is a softer boot that will give you a surfier feeling, the boot will move more freely allowing your natural movements to transfer to the board. The Zephyr still have a heat mouldable liner that is comfortable and supportive

2020 ThirtyTwo Zephyr Snowboard Boots


2020 ThirtyTwo STW BOA

The STW BOA is a no-nonsense BOA boot, Comfortable, light and easy to use. The STW is a soft boot with plenty of flex allowing you to move freely and poke out any grabs you wish. It comes with a Heat mouldable liner so that you can get straight out of the box comfort to shred in.
The 2020 STW’s come in awesome colours, we are a major fan of the all-white but if you are after something more subtle the black is an awesome answer. 

2020 ThirtyTwo STW BOA

Buy 2020 ThirtyTwo STW BOA here 2020 ThirtyTwo STW BOA

2020 ThirtyTwo Women’s STW BOA

The Women’s STW BOA is a great light boot for use all over the mountain. The STW is a softer boot giving you lots of flex that is comfortable straight out of the box. It has a heat mouldable liner so that from the first use you feel comfortable and worn in. The 2020 STW’s come in awesome colourways with the Clean white or the Tan and pale pink for something a little different.

2020 ThirtyTwo Women’s STW BOA

Buy 2020 ThirtyTwo Womens STW BOA Here 2020 ThirtyTwo Women’s STW BOA

As you can see the 2020 range for ThirtyTwo looks awesome and there are plenty of good options for you too choose from

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