Trojan Lay-By Policy

At Trojan WSS, we are happy to offer lay-by to all of our customers on all of our products. However there are a few terms when taking out a Lay-By.

Trojan's Lay-By Process

When taking out a lay-by, a minimum deposit must first be placed. This is a standard 20% of the total cost of the order, however you can place a greater deposit if you wish. The lay-by is then valid for 3 months from the date it is placed.

When placing a lay-by, the price of the item is agreed upon to be payed. If the item then goes on sale, the original priced that was agreed on must be payed.

After the lay-by has been placed, you will be able to make regular payments on it either in store, or over the phone by contacting one of our friendly staff. See our Contact Details if you would like to do this.

What if you cancel the Lay-By?

If you choose to cancel your lay-by, we will refund your total repayments, minus the termination charge. A termination charge may apply when cancelling a lay-by when the lay-by is more then 3 months out of date, and will generally cover the cost of the store to discount the item. If the termination charge is greater then the total amount payed off, you may be asked to pay the difference.

For example, if you were to put a life jacket on lay-by in January, but decide to cancel the lay-by in the middle of July, it will be more difficult for Trojan to sell the life jacket in July. The termination charge will then take into account the amount that Trojan will need to discount the life jacket in order to sell it.

TrojanWSS will not cancel a lay-by unless:

  • you have breached a term of the lay-by, such as missing a payment
  • the goods are no longer available due to circumstance out of our control

What you should do when taking out a lay-by:

  • Be sure to keep all records of the lay-by and your repayments