Slingshot Wakeboards

Our wakeboarding experience cannot be fun and fulfilling if you don’t have the right wakeboard and gears. At Trojan WSS, we bring you Slingshot wakeboard to help bring life to your wakeboarding experience. Slingshot is a wakeboarding brand that brings out great innovations in the industry. Slingshot wakeboards are manufactured to help meet everyday challenges of the wakeboarder or wakeboard rider and provide the best, fun experience. Buy your Slingshot wakeboard and discover the wake moments of your wakeboarding style. 

When choosing a wakeboard, many riders tend to with a size that lies between the nose and shoulder. If you have a wakeboard size below this, you will either be riding a small board that makes you sink on the waters or you will be on a wakeboard that’s too big to control. One thing you want to ensure is to have a balance between manoeuvrability and control of the board. A Slingshot wakeboard allows that balance in controlling the board and manoeuvring it. 

Various wakeboard designs 

Whether you want something for the pro rider or a board that helps you improve your rail riding skills, Slingshot comes in handy. At Trojan WSS, we offer various Slingshot wakeboards featuring innovative designs to ensure they suit your wakeboarding needs. Depending on what you want from your wakeboarding experience, you will be able to find a board that suits your needs. From Slingshot Solo to Gunn Terrain to Nomad, you will be able to find a suitable Slingshot wakeboard. Explore our range of wakeboard designs and their features to find the right one for you. 

Build confidence with Slingshot wakeboards

Your wakeboarding experience is determined by the kind of confidence you build. The kind of wakeboard you choose goes a long way to create the confidence you need to make the wakes. It helps you learn your wake moves and make the most of your experience. Slingshot combines modern technology wakeboard with the traditional design features to bring out wakeboarding products that are made to showcase individuality. Do the best of your air tricks with the best weapon, that’s your Slingshot wakeboard.  

Built to last, built to perform

You can imagine all the beating the wakeboard endures while riding. Moving the board against the water currents means it has to be sturdy and firm enough to bear the force. Also, consider landing impacts and of course your own weight. If there is a wakeboard you would want to choose is the Slingshot. It is built to last and performs exceptionally well in the waters. You will face your wake moments with confidence and flyer higher into the air without worrying about the board splitting into pieces. The high performance of these wakeboards is one thing that makes them a great choice for both pro wakeboard riders and amateurs or beginner riders. 

Contact us today to discover what we have in store. You will be sure to find a wakeboard in Australia that fits your size requirement and features the features you need to see in a wakeboard.  Visit our online store and browse through the different Slingshot wakeboards we stock.