Winter 2022 Snowboard , boots, and binding - Set up

Winter 2022 Snowboard , boots, and binding - Set up

Winter 2022 Snowboard , boots, and binding - Set up 

With the days getting shorter and cooler, travel restrictions easing and local snow resorts soon to open-up alongside the release of plenty of exciting new snow products from an array of brands, the stars are aligning for an adventurous and fun filled snow season.

Here we will look at some of the new boards, boots and bindings and share a few of our favourites. Whether you’re a beginner trying to learn something new or skilled veteran returning for another season or somewhere in between, with many good options, there will be something for you.

First off and excitingly we have the new range of 2023 snowboards. The collection of brands we showcase each have their own interesting and advanced technologies and approaches to building a snowboard, however there are a few outliers which are especially well designed and embodied.

For Beginners, the Nitro Prime Raw 2023 snowboard is a great pick. This board showcases a flat rocker, directional shape and radial sidecut which all work to make this board very friendly with effortless turns and catch free manoeuvres. The Bataleon Feelbetter Womens board is built with progression in mind for the beginner. The catch free edges make learning way more fun and with a universal design, you can practice anywhere in the snow.

For the people who have some experience on the snow but don’t want anything crazy, burton have some great picks. On the women’s side the Burton Feelgood Flying V 2023 is a very sensible choice. This board is versatile and offers a good mix of playful and powerful riding which is perfect for anyone who wants to really push their riding ability, or just cruise around. This board best showcases its ability on all-mountain terrain but is still competitive in park or powder settings. 

The men's correspondent for this riding style is the Burton Custom Flying V 2023. The custom snowboard is now notorious in the industry and for good reason. This board is humble but offers power turns  with a relaxed float. Although ideal for a intermediate rider, this board is still appropriate for beginners and advanced riders. Another good pick includes the (Abor element camber board) which sports a more aggressive camber profile, but through multiple design and re-designs has maintained its versatile intermediate feel.

If you have some experience under your belt and are looking for power and speed the Burton Custom X Snowboard 2023 is one of the best. The Custom X is apart of the custom range now well known, and comes equipped with pro-calibre features including a camber profile, lightweight and responsive core, and a competition grade base. On the women’s side the Burton Talent Scout snowboard is on a mission to achieve the best of park and mountain performance. The camber profile advocates sharp and powerful turns while the core and edges work to deliver smooth control.


The Boots to decorate your board of choice come in range of different designs and builds. Some efficient ones to look out for include (Burton and DC’s step on range (for men and womenswhich make getting on and off the board easier the ever. (A step on boot will require a step on binding).

If you want to keep it traditional Thirtytwo offer an amazing feel and performance with TM-2 Double Doa Boots. These are constructed with a two boa turn-dials to operate the upper-half and lower-half lacing to ensure perfect tightening, alongside a comfortable soft-energy foam cushioning and a durable shell. For a more cost friendly boot in the men’s range, the DC Control boa range are great picks. These all-rounders have all the necessary features but with nothing to extravagant they definitely won’t break the bank.

On the women's side Vans offer a range of eye-pleasing and practical boots, and for a good money-performance option the Encore OG boot range are a good starting point. The Nitro Cypress Dual Boa boots offer a more responsive and precise fit for only a little bit more of the cost. Another Great intermediate – advanced pick is Burtons Felix Boa range. This collection of women’s boots are trendy and everything you could ask for in a boot with a warm and comfortable heat-mouldable liner, precision lock in with dual boa’s and medium flex for all-round versatility. 

Moving onto bindings. Variables to consider here are mostly the stiffness rating, additional features and level of materials used and price. A good starting point for the average rider is the Burtons Cartel X range. These bindings offer a nice blend of responsiveness and comfort at a competitive price over a range of different colour options. For the advanced riders that are after a stiff responsive feel, the Union Falcor 2023 binding is a great pick. This binding has been rebuilt under the recommendations of pro riders and showcases a range of features and construction methods that really lock you into the board for a sharp and powerful feel.

On the women's side, Union trilogy bindings are a great pick for any rider, with a great mixture of comfort and responsiveness. For a cost friendly pick, the Union Rosa bindings are a good choice. This newly designed binding showcases aspects of other more expensive bindings yet remains humble with the fundamentals and offers a great all-round pick for a great price.

If you would like to look at specific products or our full range you can visit our website.