April 30, 2019 1 min read

Winter shouldn’t mean locking up the boat and waiting for next season. Make the most of the best water all year!
“I skied all winter last year in my Ripcurl 3/2 flashbomb steamer and didn't get cold once.”
With so many different styles of wetsuits there is one for every family member.
Keeping the heat in and cold out have never been so easy

Steamers usually start in a 3mm body with 2mm arms. If you are sceptical about the cold a 4/3 suit can put your mind at ease.
Sealed cuffs around the wrists and ankle are crucial for keeping the water out.

Drainage is perfect for any unwanted water you may get in your suit after a big stack

A better quality suit will feature this as well as a higher quality neoprene, in most cases a 4 way stretch neoprene. This ensures a perfect fit around your body

Sealed seams and stitching really makes or breaks a suit. Providing maximum coverage and warmth

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