June 02, 2020 5 min read

2020 Union Bindings Lineup

The 2020 Snow season is nearly upon us and we are super excited Union Bindings has released an amazing range. If you haven’t heard of Union there Is a good chance you have seen their logo, plastered on the back of their high backs a distinctive branding that lets you know these Italian bindings are quality. Picking the right binding can be difficult but let us help you with our take on unions range for 2020.

Union have made some simple changes to their bindings for 2020, thou for the most part is business as usual with the most solid binding range in the snow. Union has improved the ankle strap on most bindings and the toe strap on the Strata, Falcor, Force, Legacy and trilogy.

The 2020 Range looks awesome, union have chosen some great colours to go on their classics like the Strata, Force, Contact Pro and Trilogy. Let us run you through our favourites for 2020;

2020 Union Strata Bindings

The Strata bindings are a stiff option for use all over the mountain, the high back gives you direct response to your board. You have a choice between two high backs with the stiffer team high back on the Hazard Yellow Model and the slight softer high back on the rest of the range. The direct injected base sits nicely on your board and gives good cushioning under feet. With a new Ankle and Toe strap this binding works great with any boots moulding comfortably and the ratchets slide on and crank down with ease.

Union Strata Bindings 2020

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2020 Union Trilogy Bindings

The Trilogy’s are back for 2020 and we are happy, the strongest women’s binding on the market with awesome response you will feel in total control with these under your feet. The 2020 model also come with the team solid High back if you are after a stiff option other wise the standard high back option gives you nice feel with the support you need. With Rose Gold accents these bindings look beautiful as well as perform on the snow. We are a massive fan of the warm grey for something subtle otherwise if you want to stand out you can’t go past the mint.

Union Trilogy Bindings 2020

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2020 Union Force Bindings

If you demand a binding that will last through any thrashing the Force is perfect for you, a bulletproof binding made to be used aggressively and often. A lifetime warranty on the base plate with all other features considered for constant use and abuse. The force is a stiffer option which gives you a feeling of total control. The ankle strap and toe strap slide easily and the ratchet feels secure, this binding won’t disappoint. The 2020 model comes in Burnt Orange, Black and the team binding in Matte Stone. The Team binding also comes with a solid high back for even more support and response.

Union force bindings 2020

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2020 Union Contact Pro Bindings

The 2020 Contact Pro Is back and better than ever, with an updated ankle strap for 2020 you get the same solid features you expect from a contact pro. Contact Pro’s are a softer option for someone that likes a surfier feel and good movement in their bindings. With a full EVA Base, you have perfect cushioning for when you take it massive. Poke out all your tricks with ease with a pair of contact pro’s on your board.

Union Contact Pro 2020

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2020 Union Milan Bindings

The Milan is a true ladies binding with a softer mini disk and softer high back you get a better feel for ladies. This year’s pastel blue colour way is a standout for us which will improve any setup its matched with. The Milan comes with a full EVA Baseplate which will soften any drop or jump that you encounter.

2020 Union Milan Bindings

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2020 Union Flite Pro Bindings

Do you want a superlight binding that can handle park laps all day? The Flite bindings have solid top end features with an awesome ankle strap that holds you in tight and a toe strap that moulds to the front of your boot perfect. Being a light binding they do flex more than a standard binding which is great for poking out tricks in the park or flexing on rails. Coming in super bright hyper blue so that you can stand out or simple White and Black that’s safe to put on any setup.

Union Flite Pro Bindings 2020

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2020 Union STR Bindings

The STR Bindings are the perfect choice for someone that wants a no-nonsense binding that has all the features you need and nothing you don’t. With a solid design with simple features the STR is perfect for price conscious customers who still want a tough binding.

Union STR bidnings 2020

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2020 Union Juliet Bindings

The Juliet binding is one of Union’s best-selling binding, combining high end materials and features into a solid binding you can ride all season. The Juliet binding has Canted foot beds which allow your boots to sit in a more comfortable position when riding, combined with the asymmetric high back and this binding just works in all conditions. Coming In white and black with gold trimmings the Juliet is all class and upgrades any setup you put with it.

Union Juliet Bindings 2020

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2020 Union Rosa Bindings

The Rosa is a super simple, light weight binding built for ladies that will give you a forgiving and comfortable ride. Super easy to use and setup with an ankle and toe strap that will mould to any boot. Coming in White, Black and our shop favourite of Lavender you should be able to match any setup your heart desires.
As you can see the 2020 Union Bindings Range is awesome again, Union have utilized some amazing colours in their stable bindings allowing you match your setup while still having a solid binding.

Union Rosa Bindings 2020

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Thank you for reading I hope this was helpful for you to pick a pair of union bindings for 2020 if you have any more questions or want some help picking the right binding, we can be reached at
02 4577 5333

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