Trojans Top 5 Mens Waterski's for 2020

Trojans Top 5 Mens Waterski's for 2020-Trojan Wake Ski Snow
Yet another exciting summer on the way for 2020. New shapes, materials and boots for the season ahead so lets jump straight into it. 
Here are Trojans top 5 mens waterskis this season, in no particular order.

2020 Radar Vapor Pro Build

Year after year this ski shows up as one of the Trojan teams favourites, and after jumping on one its easy to understand why. The 2020 Vapor Pro Build sports a revolutionary updated shape, along with the lightest and stiffest materials available in a waterski. This allows the vapor to be one of the fastest skis on top of the water, enabling a skier to build up maximum speed, and carry that speed all the way through the wakes towards the next buoy. This combined with the deeper concave and narrower platform allow the ski to edge harder then ever, and maintain more grip then ever through the turn.

If you are still unsure if the Vapor is the ski for you come and see us in store, or at one of our many demo days around Sydney so you can try this ski for yourself. You definitely won't regret it.

A completely new shape for 2020 the HO Syndicate Omega. A ski designed purely to help the skier in every turn. The omega features a 4 stage rocker line and a true flat spot underneath your front foot maxamising balance and control across the wake. A low volume concave which goes hand in hand with HO's carbon fiber speed skin to maintain speed and reduce drag. 

2020 Radar Senate

2020 Radar Senate

This is one of our most demoed ski every season simply because it makes so many skiers feel right at home. The senate range is know for its stablity and speed and it certainly lives up to it. This ski feels light under your feet and makes turning effortless. This combined with the 100% carbon layup and foam core makes the senatee fast out of the turn while still being stable across the wakes. Anyone from an to a beginner looking for their first slalom ski to an experienced skier will feel right at home on a Senate.


2020 Radar Union

If you prefer skiing at a slightly slower speed, or aren't interested in cuttting your line and chasing buoys, the Union is the ski for you. The Radar Union takes all the things that make the senate great, and adds a slightly wider platform with a slight flat spot over each rail. This bit of added width makes the Union an easier ski to get up on, and helps remove the twitch that can sometimes occur with the narrower skis. This combined with a full edge-to -edge concave makes the turn easy to initiate, and makes the full turn easy to control.

The union is one of our most popular social skis, and is an easy platform for a skier of any level to jump on and rip.


2020 Ho Fusion Freeride


New in the Ho ski linup this year is the Fusion Freeride. This ski brings a massive shape update to the well known Freeride ski. The Fusion Freeride sports a full width freeride platform, along with a new edge-to-edge concave travelling the length of the ski. The full width of the platform allows for the easy starts and stability that the original Freeride was known for. This combined with the full edge-to-edge concave allows the ski to handle well through the turn, and makes the ski more maneuvarable on top of the water then the traditional Freeride. Finally, the freeride fin allows you to break free of the water just as easily as ever and hit those wake-to-wake jumps, and do all the hotdog skiing you did on your old freeride ski.

With the new Fusion Freeride, it is finally time to hang that old Freeride on the wall and rip up the river on the new and improved shape


2020 HO Hovercraft

The Ho Hovercraft is a new shape which was first introduced in 2019. It is possibly the widest ski available on the market, which makes it on of the easiest skis for a beginner. The extreme width of the ski combined with the tri-fin layout make the Hovercraft pop straight up out of the water in those deep starts, and make it one of the most stable skis on top of the water. The lightweight construction of the ski makes the ski sit higher in the water reducing drag. This means you can ski for longer, and will take some of the strain out of your forearms while up.

This ski is one of Trojan's favourites for its ease of use and versitility on top of the water. We have riden the Hovercraft with wakeboard boots, and without any boots at all and we were shocked at how easy it was to get up on, and how well we could control it on top of the water, even while riding it barefoot.

For anyone that struggles with deep starts or stability, the Hovercraft is the ski for you.