Top 5 Womens Jackets - Staff Picks

Every year we see new exciting jackets coming through the doors at Trojan, this year we have seen some of the coolest most exciting women's jackets ever! We have looked through every of the big names in lifejackets models and have picked our top 5 picks of the season! Whether your looking for quality, value or the good looks on the water we have a jacket for you!

Here is the Trojans Teams top 5 pick in no particular order!

Follow Women's SPR

A new jacket to follows range the Follow SPR jacket is the worlds first naturally produced life jacket and it has the simple slim looks to match. Coming in a light pink with blue badging this jacket is the epidemy of simplistic style and performance. With a tapered pro fit cut this jacket will hug your hips and fit your body like no other jacket on the market. The Follow SPR, style and perfect fit all in one.


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Jet pilot has always been one of the big hitters in life jackets and X1 is one of their number one performers every year. With a high amount of segmentation of the foam it makes the jacket highly flexible and comfortable. The X1 features a specific women's cut and a quick dry liner so your are never putting on a wet jacket! With the awesome addition of the paint swirl graphic this jacket really pops compared to its competitors! Jet pilot X1, the highest level or performance and look on the market.

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The Follow STOW ladies jacket is the jacket with think of when someone says I want quality and value in one jacket. At $189.99 this jacket represents great value as it features the high-end neoprene of the higher end jackets in the market and Follows signature hip hugging fit for an affordable price. With Follows awesome simplistic styling this jacket again is a very fashionable high-quality jacket at an incredible price.

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The Bec Ascent is Bec Gange's signature Jet pilot jacket and is a big seller every year from is special women's cut which has been designed for optimal performance for freestyle water sports. This year the Bec Ascent has come out in a new design and the Teal colour has been walking out the door and at $199.99 this mid-priced jacket is unrivalled in performance and feel.

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KGB Lush

This is your best Jacket for the lowest price in the women's range. It features a less tapered fit with still high-end neoprene and high end graphic design. So, if you want a $179.99 jacket that looks like a $229.99 jacket this is the one for you. The KGB lush high-end design at the right price.


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