September 05, 2019 2 min read

The Trojan team is lucky enough to test the majority of these surfers in Seattle USA before they even hit Australia not only does this help with what boards we bring to offer but the knowledge and experience we get from riding these incredible shapes. 
Here are our top 5 wakesurfs in no particular order. 

This board felt and drove exactly ike a surfboard, so much fun steering away from the wake and pushing back in with so much speed and response from the board. Stiff and snappy from the top of the wake and the wax mat on this board feels great. 


2020 Ronix Koal Classic Longboard 

One of the most layed-back shapes we have ever ridden. You can get away with just about anything on this board from riding really far back on the wave to laying on your stomach and back to feet. This board provides so much push and has a full rail for fun turns. Anyone with a smaller wake or struggling with finding that sweet spot this board is for you. " I had so much fun on this, riding the nose, laying down and carving." - Dylan.



2020 Ronix Koal Surface Powertail

Speed and bouyancy is the first thing you will notice when riding this board. Sitting a little higher in the water combinding speed and stablity making this a really enjoyable ride. Easy for carving and getting that longer hang time off the wake.


2020 Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 The Skimmer

An absolute skatey and loose board! Super light and easy to throw around, If you are wanting to push your spins and airs this is the deck you want to be doing it on. It is Ronix's thinnest board and won't get caught up in the wake.

2020 Ronix Koal Classic Fish

The Koal fish is back in with the 2020 range simply because it works so well. Super reactive but will break away from the wake easily when wanting some air. Mellow ride or decide with this surfer. 

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